Cancer Prevention Awareness Month
Funds raised by 6Oout for charity org: $9,980.00
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Let's February 2017 Escape  Cancer

Cancer is a puzzle that, with proper prevention, sometimes needn't be solved.

This February is Cancer Prevention Awareness Month and all 60out Escape Rooms locations are teaming up with the devote charity FCancer to raise money and spread awareness for this very important cause.

$10 from each game will be contributed to fcancer
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Ghost Ship

Ghost ship 2 min
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P.U.T.I.N. Bunker

Putin bunker 1 min

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Doctor Psycho

Doctor psycho 1 min
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Casino Heist

Casino room 1 min
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Grandma’s Masterplan

Grandmas masterplan 2 min
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The Mystery Of Senator Payne

Myster of senator payne escape room 2 min
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Zen Room

Dsc 4565 min
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Wizards Workshop

27 min
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Titanic 1 min
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Outbreak 1


  • Marion

    Marion K


    Such a fun Escape room!! One of the best ones I've ever done. I did the Senator Payne one and the set was really perfect and detailed. All the puzzles were very different, some were more complicated and some were deceptively simple, but it kept the pace and suspense building and building and building.

    Vitaliy T


    One of the coolest experiences you'll have. If you have not tried escape rooms, it will blow your mind. Checks these guys out. Very friendly staff. Great atmosphere and just a very fun experience all together. Highly recommended!!!

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