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Just in time for summer fun, 60out is opening the largest and most innovative immersive entertainment center on the west coast at HHLA. This flagship location will feature five escape rooms and a VR room with more than 30 live-action adventures.

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Casino Heist Escape Room

Robbers Beware, Adventurers Prepare!

We take you now to the Three Kings Casino, once ruled by the Brothers O’Brien, the three most vicious gangsters in all of Las Vegas. Now, the Brothers are kings of the jailhouse and the casino will be torn down in an hour. Before that happens, the Brothers have hired a team of thieves to collect all of the riches from their beloved casino.

Nothing can stand in their way… except you: a talented crew of robbers, tasked with stealing everything from the casino and leaving the Brothers and their men penniless.

Difficulty - MediumDifficulty - Medium
Minimum Age - 14 yearsDifficulty - Medium
Genre - ActionDifficulty - Medium
Players - 2-6Difficulty - Medium
Time - 60 minDifficulty - Medium
Non Accessible
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Immerse yourself in the next level of escape room mastery! Embrace the challenge of the redesigned Casino Heist escape room — a masterpiece of immersive puzzle-solving adventure.
— Pavel Z. Script Writer, Creative Director
Casino Heist Ⅱ escape room
Casino Heist Ⅱ escape room
Casino Heist Ⅱ escape room
Casino Heist Ⅱ escape room
Casino Heist Ⅱ escape room
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Race Against Time
Outsmart Your Rivals!

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*All games are private, only your team is allowed in the room, NO strangers.
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