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60out is “a top rated escape room gaming experience in Los Angeles” with “Hollywood worthy themed rooms”

Grandma’s Master Plan makes Brad’s Top 6 in Los Angeles

VIDEO: School is out and the kids of Summer Break paid a visit to 60out’s Doctor Psycho

15 Best Escape Rooms in Los Angeles

60out’s rooms are “consistently high-tech, high quality games” and “you really can’t go wrong with any of them”

MAN VS ROOM: “I actually felt like I was on a Ghost Ship”

LETS GO! I AM HYPED JUST RELIVING THIS EXPERIENCE IN MY HEAD. This was my first LA Escape Room and I can’t wait to go back. We did The Ghost Ship and I am so glad I did this.

Basketball Wives: Can Tami, Reggie, and Lyric escape the room?

In an effort to bond as a family Tami, Reggie, and Lyric have one hour to work together to win the escape challenge.

Is a 60out escape experience Worth It? See what Buzzfeed has to say!

60out is “super high tech” and takes escape experiences “to the next level”

OUTBREAK Review: “It’s like spending an hour being in your own science fiction action movie”

I love this company and Outbreak happens to be at my favorite 60out Escape Rooms location in Marina Del Rey.

Would you be able to solve an Escape Room?

Surviving the Ghost Ship at 60out

Looking for good sober fun I gathered a group of friends and opted for a life size brainteaser in the form of an escape room challenge where players must solve complicated puzzles to escape from a locked room or rooms. Blindfolded and shackled is how our first adventure began at 60Out Escape Room.

60out Escape Rooms: Challenge Yourself & Escape if you Can

60out’s Titanic Room is a Total Splash Hit

Living Out Loud: “60out is a fantastic company. Their rooms are detailed and complex in an extremely entertaining way”

A “Gift Card from 60out Escape Rooms is the perfect gift for anyone”

If you’re looking for the perfect last minute stocking stuffer to give your friends, family, and colleagues this holiday season, a gift card from 60out Escape Rooms is the perfect gift for anyone looking for some out of the ordinary fun in Los Angeles.

Fox 11’s Morning Crew Gets a Peek inside 60out’s Wizards Workshop

The Best Escape Rooms in Los Angeles by Category

In an escape room, the door locks and you and your team must solve clues to find a way out. The interactive race-against- the-clock game in cities around the world is gaining momentum as “the new karaoke” for groups looking for an immersive outing that has nothing to do with iPhones or Facebook.

Review: Escape Key Entertainment

Escape Key Entertainment houses two intricate escape rooms, which are interactive mystery chambers with clues designed to offer an immersive detective experience. (Owen Emerson/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Escape Rooms in Los Angeles

Since 2007, escape rooms have gained tremendous popularity throughout Europe and Asia. Escape rooms are interactive adventure games that lock a group of players in a themed room.