60out's TOP 10 Escape Rooms

60out is a top destination for immersive adventures. Escape rooms are a fun activity to do with your family, friends, or coworkers. 60out has 7 locations around Los Angeles so there is one near you. It's easy to book a game at 60out.com! 

Today is awards day at 60out! Today we’re celebrating our most popular escape rooms, and we’re celebrating you for picking them. These are the top ten 60out escape rooms in Los Angeles, as decided by our valued guests.

10. Ghost Ship

Our haunted ghost ship provides the scare factor! Located on Melrose Ave it is a horror game perfect for team building. It's one of our biggest, and most immersive games.

9. Grandma’s Masterplan

A room for escape room enthusiasts and hardcore puzzle lovers. This room is 75 minutes of fun, making it one of 60out's longest experiences.

8. Casino Heist

60out's second room to open is still one of the most popular. It's loved by groups of all ages. It takes groups on a journey of mystery.

7. Amityville

The name itself brings popularity to this room. Amityville is the perfect date night escape room. It always gets booked up at night so book now to experience this spooky adventure.

6. Houdini

The puzzles in Houdini's room are filled with tricks and magic, making this room unique and innovative. This escape room is a fan favorite!

5. The Orphanage

This beloved horror room became even more popular when Ariana Grande and James Corden made this room one of 60out's most visited by being featured in Carpool karaoke. 

4. Alice in Wonderland

A 60out family favorite escape room, this is the perfect adventure for birthday parties or groups who want light-hearted fun. The room is colorful and whimsical 

3. Wizards Workshop

After Harry Potter's major success, wizard experiences grew in popularity. This room has a variety of puzzles and games while immersing players into a new wizarding world. 

2. Titanic

Who doesn't want to experience an escape room on a ship? From cabins to the boiler room, 60out's Titanic makes you feel like you actually get to experience what it was like to be aboard the Titanic. 


1. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Sony Picture's popular IP was brought to life in this official escape room experience. One of 60out's most immersive and exciting rooms. This room is always booked weeks in advance!

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11 Feb 2020

Movies That Would Make Great Escape Rooms

Movies are the perfect inspiration for escape rooms. Great movies have a compelling story to motivate the hero through the experience, and an immersive setting to get lost in. At 60out, our escape rooms only add one thing to that formula... YOU are the hero. We are no stranger to adapting movies into immersive experiences. Our Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle room, and our Alice in Wonderland room are two of the most popular escape rooms in LA. So come with us on a journey as today we are asking, "What if?" and speculate as to which great movies would make amazing escape rooms!

Movies That Would Make Great Escape Rooms


We're starting this list off strong with a movie franchise that seems almost tailor- made to become an escape room. The original Tron is about a computer engineer who accidentally activates a high-tech laser that transports him into a digital world. The design of the original 1982 film, and it's 2010 sequel Tron: Legacy inspired a new style of sci-fi art incorporating lights and lasers. Escape rooms are becoming more technically advanced every day, and being able to transport guests to the digital world of Tron would be quite the milestone in escape room progress.


The original 1979 Alien sees a starship crew working to repair and pilot their ship, while also attempting to track and capture a deadly alien monster loose onboard. Imagine an escape room where you are trapped aboard the commercial spaceship Nostromo, using radar devices to track the alien, closing vents to redirect it away from you, repairing doors to progress to the escape pod, and dealing with the constant threat of a monster coming after you. This could be the scariest escape room in Los Angeles!


Who doesn't want to be a Goonie? Uncovering a mystery, looking for treasure, narrowly avoiding booby traps, and adventuring with your best friends is all part of the job. The Goonies learned teamwork and to count on each other. 60out's escape rooms aim to provide that exact experience to every group. A Goonies themed 60out room would be an opportunity to bond with your lifelong friends in an adventure fresh for kids and nostalgic for adults.

60out and Movies: A Perfect Match

At 60out we are constantly pushing the boundaries for high-tech puzzles, immersive storytelling, and team building experiences. For over 100 years movies have fueled our imaginations, and taken us to new worlds. Movies continue to inspire our team everyday. You never know which of these worlds you'll be able to visit next at 60out.


14 Jan 2020

A Holiday Party at 60out Escape Rooms (Testimonial)

"After our experience, I just wanted to spread the word that we just had the best company holiday party this year! As you all know holiday parties can be such a drag while your fellow employees stand around and stare at each other or pretend they’re having fun playing awkward party games. This year, somebody had the right idea! Our boss treated us to a holiday party at 60out Escape Rooms! We had more fun this year than at any holiday party. There was no awkward silence this year, just plenty of buzz as we searched through the rooms to solve puzzles. 

We broke out into teams to do three of 60out’s popular rooms. Our HR team explored a wizarding world (Wizard’s Workshop) while navigating through magical puzzles. They escaped with 23 seconds to spare. They were so excited that they made it out in the knick of time. Legal & Finance escaped The Zen Room. Apparently the room was full of challenges and mind twisters to bring color back into a world that’s a blank slate. They escaped with 18 minutes left, winning the competitive game between our office staff. The Marketing Department, my team, escaped action and obstacles through an underground secret vault in Outbreak. It was quite a mission, but we escaped with 6 minutes to spare. 

It was honestly a breath of fresh air to play interactive and immersive games with my coworkers. What an adventure each team had! And it was great to see how everyone came together to try to beat the clock. We will definitely be back! 

Thanks so much 60out Escape Rooms for such a great team building and overall fun event!" 


Meredith Winters

Looking for a place to hold your company team building events and private parties? Throw your employees one like Mary did! An event at 60out escape rooms will be an experience your employees never forget. Book now at 60out.com

31 Dec 2019

Five Years Here: A Reflection of our Immersive Journey

Five years here and we have come so far. From an unmarked building off Santa Monica Blvd, we welcomed curious face after curious face — give us an hour either of our escape rooms and they would walk out chomping at the bit for more. That desire permeated throughout our guests and it has made working toward the future of immersive entertainment and believing in our process a no-brainer. 

I joined Escape Key Entertainment for part-time work and stayed with this escape room company because of how our experiences made and continue to make people feel. I stayed for the time an ancy crowd of wide-eyed family members stared at the monitors in our game master office as they watched one of their own propose marriage in Titanic to his longtime girlfriend, and now wife. I stayed because the friendships I’ve made with enthusiasts and the hour long conversations I’ve had with groups following their games in The Mystery of Senator Payne, Casino Heist, Hyde Circus, Time Machine, you name it! I stayed because the people that push 60out forward have boundless imaginations that are hungry to push the envelope of the immersive entertainment industry. It’s easy to stay excited about something if you know your team and hundreds of thousands of people are waiting in anticipation for your next experience. 

This excitement is the very reason why I can even continue to have a job, it’s why we’ve expanded to 7 locations across Los Angeles, and it’s why we have very big plans for 2020. For those of you that have been along for the ride with us, thank you. We can’t wait to share what’s in store for 60out next year. We have a lot to share with you in January.

Locations (As of 2019)

West LA - 1560 Corinth Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Melrose - 7270 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Hollywood - 1316 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Downtown - 2284 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Marina Del Rey - 13336 Beach Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Koreatown - 135 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Silver Lake - 1333 W Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Locations (as of 2020)

Stay Tuned :)

23 Dec 2019

Escape Rooms are the perfect family bonding activity for Thanksgiving!

Do you have family in town for the Thanksgiving holiday? Escape rooms are the perfect activity for your whole family to participate in. They’re a fun outing to get out of the house and get to know your family in a different way. 

How is doing an escape room family bonding?

Not only is an escape room fun, but it is a perfect family bonding activity. While solving the puzzles in an escape room, your family will learn to work together. Escape rooms require puzzle solving skills that make your brain work in different ways than usual. See your family members in a new way. Each player adds their own set of skills to help the group. 

How is an escape room different than playing games at home?

Not only do you get out of the house, but a new unique challenge will build new memories. Escape rooms involve puzzles, logic, and interactive storytelling while combining them all with a social aspect. Most games put your family on different teams or against each other. Escape rooms are different because your entire group will all be on the same team, working together to accomplish one common goal. The better each individual does, the better chances your family has at escaping together. 

Which escape rooms would be right for your family?

The thrill seeking family - The Orphanage. This room is 2-6 players. Your family will be sent into an extremely dark room where you have to navigate your way out. 

Perfect for families with children - Alice in Wonderland. This 2-6 player room is whimsical and fun. 

A big family - Turing Test. Turing Test is a medium difficulty 4-8 player room. The room focuses on working together through a team building set up to solve puzzles.

The active family - Houdini. Demonstrate that your family is full of escape artists in this 3-5 player room. This game is an adventure room that involves physical activity. 

Why 60out?

60out offers 26 unique rooms at 7 different locations all over Los Angeles. 60out provides the most exciting, engaging, immersive, and obstacle driven rooms in LA. The escape rooms cover a wide variety of difficulty levels so we’re sure you will find one that is perfect for everyone in your family. Best of all, 60out rooms are all booked privately. No strangers put in your room with you. It’ll just be your family. 

This year, don’t escape your family! Escape at 60out WITH your family.

Book your Thanksgiving room at 60OUT’S website today!

21 Nov 2019

Why You Should Try a Haunted House Escape Room This Halloween

If you’re looking for an evening of frightful fun, try a haunted house escape room!

Better than haunted houses alone, these games match cleverness with spooky thrills for an even more immersive experience. The Halloween season isn’t complete without one.

What can you expect from your game? How are they better than your favorite haunted houses?

Read on to find out.

What is a Haunted House Escape Room?

Haunted house escape rooms are puzzle-solving games. You and your group will enter a room with an immersive theme – such as a vampire’s castle, a mad scientist’s lab, or a haunted Victorian mansion. The room is full of hidden clues and puzzles.

If you and your friends can solve all the puzzles before the time limit runs out, then you win the game.

So, how are these games better than regular haunted houses?

Spooky Escape Rooms: Better Than Haunted Houses

You are the Hero

Haunted houses are known for their immersive elements. However, in a haunted house, you are a passive participant. You just walk through the rooms in a line, looking at scary stuff and occasionally being startled by actors. Unfortunately, this can become dull and repetitive.

In an escape room, you are the hero of a story. You have an active role in the progress of an adventure. Instead of just observing, you must engage with the props in the room, solve puzzles with your group, and work toward a goal. Your actions affect the outcome of the escape room. This makes it far more immersive – and exciting.

Adrenaline Rush Without Depending on “Jump Scares”

Haunted house frights aren’t for everyone. An actor in a mask jumping out to scare you may not sound like fun – either because it’s too scary, or because it’s too cheesy to be scary.

Occasionally, an escape room may contain a prop that opens in a startling way or makes a sudden noise. However, on the whole, escape rooms do not depend on “jump scares” to set the mood.

Instead, the game uses immersive theming and the pressure of a time constraint to get your heart pounding.

When you have 60 minutes to escape a dungeon before an army of zombies knocks down the door, who needs a guy in a zombie mask to startle you?

Year-Round Fun

Haunted houses tend to operate on a seasonal basis, only opening their doors around Halloween.

Escape rooms, on the other hand, are open year-round. Horror fans can find spooky escape room themes all month, every month. The good scary fun never has to end!

Why 60OUT?

Open year-round, relying on quality scares (over basic surprises), and allowing you to participate in the fun, haunted house escape rooms are a great choice. If you’re ready to give one a try, then check out 60OUT.

The escape rooms at 60OUT include horror-themed adventures to rival any Halloween haunted house, setting you as the star of a spooky adventure. With rooms spanning a variety of genres and difficulty levels, you’re sure to find a game that’s right for you.

Best of all, all 60OUT escape rooms are booked privately.

Book your haunted house escape room game at 60OUT’s website today!

25 Oct 2019

Escape Room Emergency Exits: How They Keep the Game Safe

Is an escape room emergency exit mandatory? How safe are you in the room?

It's easy to worry when thinking about these safety questions. After all, escape rooms are puzzle-solving adventures, but the theme involves being ‘locked’ in a room and forced to rely on your wits to escape.

So, what happens if it stops being fun? What if there’s an accident or a fire?

Here’s what you should know about escape room emergency exits, so you can put your mind at ease.

Escape Room Emergency Exit - How to Leave the Room

Emergency Key

Some escape rooms do physically lock you in – but they also leave a key on a chain next to the door. This key is not relevant to the game you’re playing. Instead, it serves as quick and reliable way for you to leave the room if necessary. Be warned, however: using this key may end the game early.

Magnetic Locks

Your escape room may keep the door shut with a magnetic lock instead of a standard key lock. Once you solve the puzzles in the room, you will trip a sensor that shuts off the magnet and opens the door.

Because the magnet is powered by electricity, this means that the door’s “default” position is open, not closed. In the event of a power failure, the door will open all on its own, allowing you to exit.

Emergency Exit Button

In rooms that use a magnetic lock, there will often be a large button labeled “push to exit” near the door. Hitting this button will end the game and allow you to exit right away, without fumbling over a key.

No Locks At All

Not all escape room games are about unlocking a door! Some games introduce you to other goals, like opening a vault or deciphering a message. In these escape rooms, the door is not locked at all and you can leave at any time. It is likely that if you leave the escape room before the game is complete, you will not be allowed to continue the game. Be sure to listen to the rules before you start!

What Safety Equipment is in the Escape Room?

Surveillance Cameras

A host or “game master” is always watching you and your group while you’re in the escape room. They have cameras and microphones positioned all around the room, so they can see and hear you, and make sure that everything is okay!

In the event of an emergency, whether the emergency is inside or outside of the room, the game master can end the game and open the door.

Communications Equipment

All escape rooms have a way for the players and the game master to communicate. This might be as simple as a walkie-talkie or radio device in the room.

There may also be a speaker system for announcements, or a computer monitor that displays text messages sent by the game master.

These devices can be used to provide hints for the game or report an emergency.

Smoke Detectors

Escape room facilities are up to building code! This means that there is fire detection equipment, like smoke detectors, inside the room. The game master may warn you in advance not to tamper with this equipment, because it is real and necessary for your safety.

Why 60OUT?

You can rest easy, knowing that escape rooms are built to be fun – but also very safe. With your newfound peace of mind, you should check out 60OUT’s collection of escape rooms!

60OUT hosts more than twenty immersive, themed escape rooms in a wide variety of genres and difficulty levels. Best of all, 60OUT escape rooms are always privately booked. You never have to worry about playing with a stranger!

Book your escape room game at 60OUT’s website today.

15 Oct 2019

Why Your Next Date Night Should Be an Escape Room for Couples

For your next date, should you try an escape room for couples?

It’s certainly more unique than the average “dinner and a movie.”

But there are even greater advantages. What could you gain from an escape room for couples on your next date night? Read on to find out.

Why Should Couples Book an Escape Room for Date Night?

Here are some of the ways escape rooms are perfect for a couple's date night.

Making Lifelong Memories

Escape rooms stand out among other date night experiences. Unlike movies or sports games, they’re not about passively watching other people do an activity.

Escape rooms get you and your partner on your feet, out of your comfort zone, and into an immersive adventure.

The themed room makes both of you the stars of a story, whether you’re exploring a magical jungle or searching for clues in a mad scientist’s laboratory.

While the times you went out to dinner may blur into one memory, you and your date will never forget the adventure you enjoyed playing an escape room game.

Practicing Communication

Communication between you and your partner is a vital part of any relationship.

What’s more, communication is essential to your success in an escape room as well.

Escape rooms are designed to be played together, rather than alone. You and your date will need to clearly communicate what you each see and find in the room in order to put the clues together.

The communication skills you practice in an escape room for couples will serve you well after the game is done!

Forging Teamwork Skills

In an escape room, you and your partner must work together as a team to succeed. This is just like real life, where you two face the challenges of the world together.

An escape room creates an opportunity for discovering what skills you and your partner each bring to your relationship. Not everyone has the same skillset; you might be great at word puzzles, while your partner is better at numbers.

Like the outside world, an escape room requires people with different skills to come together as a team–or as a couple.

Learning Patients

Yes, an escape room is a race against the clock; you only have an hour or so to solve the puzzles.

At the same time, being patient is key to escape room success--just like it is key to relationship success.

Escape rooms are a great way for you and your partner to practice remaining calm under pressure. This game is a safe place to practice patients by searching for all possible solutions to a problem, rather than plunging in wildly.

Building Trust

In a relationship, trust is just as important as patience or communication.

Of course, it can be scary to trust someone at first! An escape room is a fun place to practice trusting your partner.

You can give up control of a puzzle and trust that your date has found an answer that you haven’t. Trusting your partner in an escape room, and learning that they trust you as well, will strengthen your bond even after the game is over.

Discovering Your Chemistry

If your relationship is just starting out, you’re still learning how well you function together as a team.

How does your date communicate? What hidden skills or talents do they have?

An escape room is a great way for you and your date to learn about yourselves and each other. You even have an opportunity to discover how your partner acts under pressure–something very important to know for the future of a relationship. This is all in a safe, low-stakes environment.

You will not only have fun, but emerge with a better, healthier view of each other and your relationship.

Which Types of Escape Rooms Should You Choose?

There are many different types of escape rooms. Here are some of the themes you and your date can choose from.

Wizard’s Apprentices

You and your date are cast in the roles of a wizard’s apprentices! Your teacher has summoned you in order to teach you a new spell.

However, his spell has gone awry, and now the wizard is stuck as a soul without a body.

You and your partner must work together--using your wit and what little magic the wizard has taught you so far--to crack the clues and bring him back before it’s too late.

Murder Hospital

This was supposed to be an ordinary trip to the doctor for you and your partner. It turns out that you are both patients of a villainous physician, who is actually a serial killer.

He’s left you two locked in his office for now… but soon, he will return. Can you and your date solve the doctor’s sinister puzzles and escape the room, before he returns?

Dracula’s Castle

You and your date are world-renowned vampire hunters, called to help a village near a mysterious castle. Vampires sleep during the day, but you have only an hour before sunset.

You and your partner must race against the clock to decipher the clues and defeat the vampires before they awaken and get you first.

Swindler at the Circus

It’s time to solve a crime! You and your partner have come to a circus on the verge of bankruptcy. Someone on the team has been stealing money from their bosses.

It’s up to the two of you to explore the circus tent and find whatever clues you can, so you can figure out who is at fault. Hurry up, before the circus closes its doors forever!

Zombie Virus

A deadly virus has wreaked havoc on the world, turning people into zombies. You and your date are members of a search party sent to the lab where this virus originated.

There must be a cure somewhere in that mad scientist’s notes! You will have to work together to solve the puzzles and save the human race before it’s too late.

Why 60OUT?

An escape room for couples is not only great fun, but it can be a wonderful learning process. You may uncover important details about yourselves and your relationship, from communication skills, to patience, to teamwork abilities.

As you consider a venue for your next date, check out the escape rooms at 60OUT. They currently host more than 20 themed, immersive escape room games, and more are being developed every day. These escape rooms cover a wide range of difficulty levels and genres, so it’s easy to find one that's right for you.

Best of all, 60OUT escape rooms are privately booked–no exceptions! You and your partner have complete control over who joins you for this couples’ night out.

Book your date night escape room game at 60OUT’s website today!

08 Oct 2019

Why You Should Choose a Halloween Escape Room for the Holiday

Escape rooms are great, but can a Halloween escape room be even better?


This Halloween, you could go trick-or-treating like everyone else. Or you could give yourself a treat and try a harrowing, excitement-filled adventure instead.

What are the best escape room themes for this Halloween? Read on to find out.

Why Should You Choose a Halloween Escape Room?

Spooky Theming

While not all escape rooms are scary, many have a horror theme ideal for a Halloween adventure.

You and your friends may find yourselves in a vampire’s castle or stuck in a bunker with an army of zombies banging at the door.

The scenery, sounds, and spooky atmosphere of a horror-themed escape room fit the mood for Halloween frights perfectly!

Even More Immersive Than a Haunted House

Most people in search of a frightfully good time go to a haunted house on Halloween.

However, haunted houses can get pretty repetitive. You’re just walking in a line through a house, while masked monsters jump out at you over and over.

Escape rooms are much more immersive. In a Halloween escape room, your choices matter. If you don’t solve the puzzles, for example, the zombies will get into the house. Win or lose, you always end the game with a feeling of accomplishment and fun.

Team-Building Fun for All Ages

People of different ages enjoy different activities on Halloween. Perhaps your kids are too young for a haunted maze, but your cousins are too old for trick-or-treating.

Escape rooms are fun for everyone. You don’t need outside knowledge or experience to solve the puzzles and win the game. Best of all, the only way to beat an escape room game is to work together as a team. It's a great activity for bringing the whole family together.

Which Escape Room Should You Choose?

Here are some of the spooky escape room themes you can find on Halloween.

The Haunted Ship

Long ago, a spell was cast upon the sailors on this lonely vessel. Now, the ghostly crew has captured you and your friends, hoping that you will be the ones to break the spell.

Can you solve the puzzles and release everyone held prisoner by this dark curse? Or will you become a part of the spectral crew yourself?

Doctor Serial Killer

You and your family find yourselves locked in a doctor’s office. However, it turns out that this doctor is secretly a serial killer – and he’s on his way back to take you out, too.

It’s time to get to work decoding the clues in the room. Find your way out before it’s too late!

Vampire Castle

It’s an hour before sunset, and you are a member of a group of vampire slayers. Once the sun goes down, the vampires will awaken and find you in their home.

But not if you solve the puzzles and find the monsters first!

Why 60OUT?

Spooky, activity-based, and exciting for all ages, escape rooms are the perfect way to enjoy Halloween. When deciding which venue to select, you should check out the escape rooms at 60OUT.

With more than 20 immersive, themed escape rooms, you’re sure to find an adventure that’s right for you. Each game varies in genre and difficulty level – and many are as spooky as a haunted house!

Best of all, 60OUT escape rooms are always privately booked. You can choose exactly who to have at your side while you face the challenging puzzles and Halloween frights within the room.

Book your Halloween escape room adventure at 60OUT’s website today.

04 Oct 2019