Da Vinci's Secret escape room

After Da Vinci's passing, he left his favorite pupil, Salai, a gift. This gift was greater than anyone could ever suspect, a secret room filled with some of the most challenging riddles and puzzles known to man. It is Da Vinci's last unsolved mystery and now you have a chance to unravel some of his greatest work.

75 min
Minimum age
13 years
Not accessible

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28 Apr 2019
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25 Jan 2020
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05 Oct 2018

Da Vinci’s Secret Los Angeles Escape Room Overview

The world has been under the impression that all of Leonardo Da Vinci’s riddles have been solved. Now, to the shock of millions, it has been discovered that there is one more of Da Vinci’s puzzles that remains to be figured out. 

After his passing, Da Vinci left his most cherished pupil, Salai, an incredible gift. Salai was given access to one of Leonardo’s secret rooms — a room filled with some of the most challenging puzzles and riddles known to man. 

You and your team have been given the opportunity to explore Da Vinci’s secret room and attempt to unravel his last known riddles. Can you solve the room before the next team comes along? Play the Da Vinci’s Secret escape room and put your puzzle-solving skills to the ultimate test.