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Just in time for summer fun, 60out is opening the largest and most innovative immersive entertainment center on the west coast at HHLA. This flagship location will feature five escape rooms and a VR room with more than 30 live-action adventures.

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Red Alert escape room


The last dictator of the world is relinquished of his powers but he won’t go down that easily. In a last ditch effort, he initiated a nuclear missile sequence that could decimate the civilization. Stop the countdown to save our planet.

60 min
Minimum age
12 years
Not accessible

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Red Alert escape room leaders
1st Place:
20 May 2017
Red Alert escape room leaders
2st Place:
17 Aug 2017
Red Alert escape room leaders
3st Place:
13 Mar 2017

Red Alert Escape Room Overview

Our civilization is finally headed toward the ultimate dream of world peace. There’s only one thing stopping us from reaching this incredible goal: the world’s last standing dictator. Efforts to take him down have been successful, and he has become relinquished of any power. 

As expected, the dictator won’t go down easy. As a final effort to rule the world, he has initiated a series of nuclear missiles that will potentially decimate the planet as we know it. The clock shows one hour before he hits the button and launches the weapons. 

You and your team are the only ones who can stop the clock before it’s too late. You’re civilization’s last shot at survival, and you’ll do whatever it takes to halt that countdown. Can you handle the pressure of all of civilization, or will you crumble as the clock reaches zero? Play the Red Alert escape room and find out.