Nautilus escape room

A Ship is lost without it's Captain, but the twist and turns of the sea deliver you and your team to this state-of-the-art, abandoned ship. It's got a bit of a personality, but you don't mind, as long as you're safe from what lurks in the ocean.

60 min
Minimum age
8 years
Not accessible
Physical activity

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Nautilus escape room leaders
1st Place:
28 Mar 2021
Nautilus escape room leaders
2st Place:
01 Apr 2021
Nautilus escape room leaders
3st Place:
23 Jul 2021

Nautilus escape room

It’s 1883 and you are a simple crew member aboard the Nautilus, an advanced submarine built and commanded by the brilliant Captain Nemo. Though he is a mysterious and solitary man, spending most of his nights in his cabin talking to the artificially intelligent program that controls the ship, you have been getting the sense that you are finally approaching some ancient treasure of the Atlantic.

On the seventh night of your journey, a monstrous creature finds your vessel with a catastrophic blow. The engine floods and the energy system breaks down, but most unfortunately, the massive commotion takes the life of the captain.

You have sixty minutes worth of oxygen left to fight the beast and escape to land above, but the program that controls the ship will not take orders from anyone but the real captain!

Prepare to shed your grease-stained jumpsuits and busted boots, because the only way to the control room is to trick the program into thinking that you are, in fact, the legendary Captain Nemo.