The Orphanage escape room

Be Quiet, you wouldn't want to wake them up. Be Nice, you wouldn't want to make them mad. Be Afraid, they're waiting for you. The Fernvale Orphanage will take great care of any lone souls out there in need of care. Do you need care? You do, don't you?

60 min
Minimum age
10 years
Not accessible
Physical activity

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Koreatown location

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The Orphanage escape room leaders
1st Place:
10 Apr 2022
The Orphanage escape room leaders
2st Place:
12 Jun 2021
The Orphanage escape room leaders
3st Place:
27 Aug 2021

Orphanage escape room

You’ve convinced a few of your friends to head deep into the woods with you to explore the abandoned Fernvale Orphanage. You’ve all heard the story of how its director lost his mind trying to enter the spirit world and rumors of just how sinister his attempts became. Unfortunately, your curiosity overpowers your worry that there might be some truth to the tale.

The door closes behind you and bolts shut. The interior is littered with old, demonic implements, and it dawns on you that everything you heard was true.

If there is a way out, you have no choice but to go deeper to find it. In just weak bubbles of candlelight, you must travel down the path the director dug out many years before, casting the same evil spells he used to first open these devilish doors.

What was that noise? Is someone walking down the hallway? What happens if we’re not out of here by midnight?

Please, lost souls, heed this warning.

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