Scary Escape Rooms in Los Angeles

Are you a true horror-lover in Los Angeles? Well we have the perfect escape rooms for you. Enter a world of fear, thrill, and agonizing anticipation. Keep your voice, and your heart rate down when you play the Orphanage and Amityville escape rooms. You can find any thrill to survive, story to unravel, and problem to solve at 60out Escape Rooms.

Horror Escape Rooms

Ready for a scare? It’s time to explore 60out’s most terrifying, exciting escape room around. Welcome to the horror !

Mysteries abound, with a bevy of fun and terrifying adventures you and your friends will enjoy.

The Creepiest Escape Rooms Near Me

If you want to get thoroughly creeped out, these rooms are the place to be. Horrors, creep shows, and more to keep you exhilarated and enthralled.

Whether online or in-person, it’s a thrill each time you’re able to partake in a mystery experience.

60out has some of the best scary escape rooms near you. Celebrate a mystery room birthday party of a fun night out with your friends in style. We’ve been giving people a reason to party for a long time and we continue to do so whether online or in-person.

Have the thrill of a lifetime in some of the most exciting environments around LA, or online.

Get horrified today!

Ghost Ship anyone?

When a curse is put on an ancient ship, it’s up to you to rescue the crew from years of imprisonment.

The challenge is on, as you fight to save everyone onboard. Their well-being has been compromised, and it’s on you to make sure they come out alive.

Miss Jezebel Online

Another fun, challenging game that will keep you entertained when you are at home. Miss Jezebel invites you to the residence of a known killer. You must survive and collect as much evidence as possible.

It’s one of Jezebel’s craziest but most fun games available. Live out a true adventure unlike any other.

Doctor Psycho

Doctors can be scary in general, especially psychotic ones. Check out this psychotic doctor who moonlights as a serial killer. Your life depends on your ability to vanish from the escape room in a timely manner.


Anyone who is aware of the infamous Amityville horror will appreciate this escape room with a sense of wonderment. Since all of the homeowners have disappeared without warning, it’s up to you to try to survive your night there.

Fernville Orphanage

Are you a lone soul in need of care? Challenge yourself at the orphanage escape room. The Fernvale Orphanage will care for any lone souls who need it.

Dracula Time?

Did you see a vampire in your area? If you’ve entered this escape room the answer might be yes. Let’s do our best to slay these creatures and seek help.