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Amityville escape room

Finding a house this cheap is rare in New York. You're not one to believe the stories, but they say this home was refuge for one of the most evil spirits the small town of Amityville has ever known. All of the home's past owners and families have disappeared without warning. Everyone in town tells you to get out while you can — loss is inevitable, and terror is unavoidable. We hope you enjoy your first night at your new home.

60 min
Minimum age
13 years
Not accessible

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Silver Lake location

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Amityville escape room leaders
1st Place:
23 Sep 2018
Amityville escape room leaders
2st Place:
25 Aug 2018
Amityville escape room leaders
3st Place:
09 Oct 2019

Amityville Escape Room Overview

In your search for your new home in New York, you come across a house that looks too good to be true. It’s large, it’s very affordable, and it’s located exactly where you were hoping to move. In your research on the house, you find a few stories posted online that claim this house is home to one of the most evil spirits that Amityville has ever known. One post states, “every family to have inhabited this home has disappeared without warning, and have yet to be found.” Yeah’ve never been one to believe in ghost stories. All looks well, and you make the purchase. 

It’s time to spend your first night at your Amityville house. Your neighbors give you worried looks as you move your belongings inside. The man across the street runs over, warning you that if you go inside, you’ll never escape. Let’s see about that…

You and your family enter your new home, and chills run through your spines. The stories can’t be real, can they? Book the Amityville escape room and find out just how real these ghost stories might be.