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What Are the Benefits of a Kid Friendly Escape Room?

05 Feb 2019

Have you considered the benefits of a kid-friendly escape room?

No matter how old your kids are, you’ll want to find an escape room that caters to their interests. However, if your kids aren’t teenagers yet, you’ll have to take into account their age as well as their likes and dislikes.

In this article, we'll tell you why finding a kid-friendly escape room is beneficial for kids (the entire family).

What Is a Kid-friendly Escape Room?

A kid-friendly escape room is just what it sounds like — an escape room that younger kids will have a great time playing.

  • Having aspects that kids are excited about. This includes thrilling storylines, intriguing puzzles, and the ability to work together as a team to figure out the challenging parts.
  • Having puzzles that leave kids hungry for the answer, rather than confused and uncertain.
  • Focusing on storylines that are about action, fantasy, or puzzle-solving, as opposed to scarier stories.
  • Having a lower minimum age, which is more suitable for younger kids.

If you think a specific kid-friendly escape room would frustrate or frighten your child, you can always find a different one!

What Are the Benefits of a Kid friendly Escape Room?

Benefit #1:

For families that have all younger kids, a kid friendly escape room is crafted so that your team can work together and escape before the time limit. With multiple younger children and no older children on the team, it’s important to temper the difficulty and intensity of your escape room, and a kid friendly escape room does just that.

Benefit #2:

Families with both older and younger kids can also have a great time playing a kid friendly escape room. The younger kids will appreciate a storyline that is exciting without being scary, and the older kids will be able to take the lead with complex puzzles. It’s the perfect way to foster a sense of teamwork throughout the whole family.

Even families without younger children can benefit from a kid friendly escape room!

Benefit #3:

If your group happens to include adolescents, teenagers, or adults that are more sensitive to scary themes, or who have a more difficult time working through puzzles, a kid friendly escape room will provide a challenge without being upsetting.

Sometimes, your family might want to jump into more difficult rooms or try out a particularly spooky storyline.

However, it’s a good idea to ease yourself into the more intense rooms, so you don’t end up having a crumby escape room experience. Kid friendly escape rooms are an easy way to start out slow, especially if it’s your family’s first time playing an escape room.

What Makes 60OUT the Best Option for a Kid-friendly Escape Room?

60OUT has multiple rooms that are perfect for kids of all ages, abilities, and fear levels.

One of the reasons people love 60OUT is because of its extremely varied rooms. Since there are so many genres and difficulty levels available, a family with younger kids won’t be stuck with only one room that the whole family can enjoy.

When you’re getting ready to book a kid-friendly escape room in Los Angeles, make sure you take a look at these rooms with a low minimum age.

1. Alice in Wonderland

Ready for a topsy-turvy adventure?

Alice in Wonderland is a beloved kids’ book, and now it’s also an escape room! It’s likely that your kids have read or watched Alice in Wonderland.

Being able to rescue Alice from the clutches of the evil Red Queen will make them feel like they’re living through the events of the book. The wonderful ridiculousness of the theme is a favorite of kids and adults alike.

Alice in Wonderland has a minimum age of 12 and is a medium-difficulty room.

2. Nautilus

The sea is an undiscovered, untamed place, and you’re about to find out just how untamed.

The Nautilus storyline places your team in an abandoned ship, subject to the whims of the ocean.

Are you safe from whatever’s lurking outside of the ship? The sea is a widely-loved subject, and kids that have taken a special interest in nautical life will love the way the sea is woven into every aspect of this theme.

Nautilus has a minimum age of 10 and is a medium-difficulty room.

3. Casino Heist

You may not be the good guys, but does it matter when this much money is on the line?

Casino Heist gives your team a simple mission — retrieve millions of dollars from a storage room in an abandoned casino.

The casino is being demolished in an hour, which means that you have to quietly get in, get the money, and get out. It’s an exciting premise, and the thrill of playing the “bad guys” can be especially intriguing to many younger children.

Casino Heist has a minimum age of 10 and is a medium-difficulty room.

4. Zen Room

It’s time to achieve inner peace.

As one of the most kid friendly escape rooms at 60OUT, Zen Room takes place in your own mind, after being placed into a trance.

In order to restore the color to this blank canvas, you have to make it past the puzzles your mind has conjured.

Zen Room has a minimum age of 10 and is an easy-difficulty room.

5. Titanic

Can you prevent one of the most famous disasters in history?

The Titanic is most widely known for its sinking, but this escape room gives you a chance to avert that tragedy. Your team is a group of volunteers that have been given the task of finding and activating hidden controls to save everyone on the ship.

Because it’s loosely based on a real historical event, this can be very interesting for kids that love getting a look into the past.

Titanic has a minimum age of 12 and is a medium-difficulty room.

6. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

This time, the jungle itself is out to get you.

Based on the Jumanji movies, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is an exciting dash through a jungle that wants to stop you at every turn.

If your kids have ever taken an interest in the Jumanji stories, actually living that adventure can be thrilling. Even people who don’t know anything about the series will have a great time!

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle has a minimum age of 10 and is a hard-difficulty room.

7. Wizards Workshop

The student may have finally surpassed the teacher.

With its magical atmosphere and high-stakes plot, Wizards Workshop is the perfect option for high-achieving kids that love fantasy stories. Your team becomes a group of wizard students that are only just learning, but after your teacher makes a mistake and becomes nothing but a soul, it’s up to you to save him.

Kids will love taking part in this magical adventure, but it’s probably a good idea to work up to the higher difficulty.

Wizards Workshop has a minimum age of 10 and is a hard-difficulty room.

8. Fire & Ice

Sometimes, a battle can only be solved by working together.

In Fire & Ice, your group will be divided into two — one nation of fire, and another of ice. Although your nations may be at war, maintaining the balance of the entire world requires a healthy dose of foresight.

This room is a great way to help get kids thinking about the way they make choices, and getting across the important lesson that sometimes, fighting isn’t the best way to solve a problem.

Fire & Ice has a minimum age of 10 and is a medium-difficulty room.

How Do I Get Started?

These amazing kid friendly escape rooms are spread out over seven locations all across Los Angeles. No matter where you live in the city, you’re likely close to a 60OUT location.

Once you’ve decided on a room that meets your family’s location, difficulty, and age requirements, all that’s left to do is reserve your spot. You can book your kid friendly escape room online today!