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What Are Escape Rooms Like? A Guide to Family-Friendly Escape Rooms

08 Feb 2019

The unpredictability and excitement of an escape room make them perfect for all families.

If you haven’t had an escape room experience, however, you may be confused by escape rooms as a whole. What are escape rooms like?

This article will give you insight into the world of escape rooms - family-friendly escape rooms in particular.

What Do Escape Rooms Look Like?

The biggest thrill about escape rooms is that no room looks exactly the same. Some themes tend to pop up more than once, like the well-loved Alice in Wonderland theme, but even recurring themes will have their individual twists.

Before you decide to book an escape room, you should check the room description to see what story you’re going to take part in. Even just a few sentences will help you get a feel for how the room will look and function.

Certain themes may be more child-friendly, while others appeal more to teenagers and adults. Some may be fantastical, while others have a horror twist. You may need a large group to solve a specific story, while others only require two or three individuals.

With all of these variables, it’s no wonder that there are so many different escape room themes!

What Is the History of Escape Rooms?

The original escape rooms were actually video games. In 2004, Toshimitsu Takagi created Crimson Room, a video game in which the player had to solve puzzles in order to escape.

Only three years later, that idea was turned into a “live escape room.” These experiences started spreading across Asia before entering Europe. From there, they came to the rest of the world.

One of the reasons that escape rooms are so popular is because of their incredible variety. Even if you’re an escape room veteran, you won’t encounter any two rooms that are exactly the same.

People also love escape rooms because they allow for an “escape” from reality. An escape room allows you to really become immersed in the story!

How Can Families Enjoy escape Rooms?

Families are one of the most common groups that sign up for escape rooms.

Solving an escape room requires a lot of teamwork, and families are naturally suited to working together. After all, you know each other very well and can direct each other to puzzles that utilize your strengths.

Escape rooms are also just fun to play! The variety inherent in the escape room experience means that it’s easy to find a theme that your whole family will love.

When you decide to go through an escape room with your family, you’re going to get a different experience every time. That’s why families choose to book escape rooms so frequently — it’s always a new adventure.

Why 60OUT?

When you’re going to book an escape room for your family, it’s important that you’re able to choose an experience best suited to your individual family members. With 60OUT, that’s easy to do.

60OUT has 23 different rooms spread out across seven Los Angeles locations. These rooms represent a number of themes and genres. Some rooms are available for children as young as 10, and certain rooms are able to accommodate as many as eight people.

No matter what type of experience best suits your family, 60OUT can help you find it. Book today for a unique family outing that you’ll never forget!