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3 Da Vinci Escape Room Tips to Help You Succeed

12 Feb 2019

If you’re looking for the perfect way to exercise your puzzle-solving skills, look no further than the Da Vinci escape room.

When you book this room, get ready for an extremely challenging experience. Use these three Da Vinci escape room tips to ensure you make it through.

What is a Da Vinci Escape Room?

Da Vinci was a renowned inventor and mathematician, and some of the ciphers he created dazzle the public even hundreds of years later. In a Da Vinci escape room, you can experience the thrill of solving a puzzle inspired by the enigmatic life of Leonardo Da Vinci.

In Da Vinci's Secret, you are working to solve the puzzles and riddles that Da Vinci left his favorite pupil when he died. The story proposes that these are some of the world’s most challenging puzzles - so you’ll have to really put your mind to the task in order to succeed.

Why Are the Puzzles in a Da Vinci Escape Room so Challenging?

The reason that Leonardo Da Vinci is so well-known, even 500 years after his death, is because he was incredibly intelligent. His works, whether biological, artistic, or mathematical, are useful even today, long after he created them.

A Da Vinci escape room takes all of that mythical intelligence and creates puzzles out of it. Because Da Vinci had so many specialties and loved so many different things, Da Vinci escape rooms can cover a substantial amount of ground.

With the vast array of information that Da Vinci had at his fingertips, it’s only natural that a Da Vinci escape room would be extremely challenging!

What Are 3 Da Vinci escape Room Tips to Keep in Mind?

When it comes to a Da Vinci escape room, use these three tips to successfully escape.

  1. Do a little research on Leonardo Da Vinci’s life. You don’t need to become an expert on everything he did, but it can be very helpful to know a little bit about him. Learn about important dates, the things he considered important, and what he was interested in. Your newfound Da Vinci knowledge may be what saves you!
  2. Be on the lookout for “mirror writing.” Leonardo Da Vinci was well-known for writing backward, which can only be read if it is looked at through a mirror. Although many people believe that he wrote that way simply because he was left-handed, it’s also a great way to hide a clue.
  3. Learn a bit about Leonardo Da Vinci’s most famous works. Have you heard of the Mona Lisa or the Vitruvian Man? Some sketches and paintings that Da Vinci created are now considered the most well-known in the art world. If you know their names and a few important artistic facts, you can easily connect the clues that are pointing you toward a specific piece.

Why Should I Try Da Vinci’s Secret?

Da Vinci’s Secret is sure to satisfy all of your desires.

When you book this room, you’ll be immersed in the world of Leonardo Da Vinci, with puzzles that are challenging, but not impossible. Whereas most 60OUT rooms allow 60 minutes, Da Vinci’s Secret allows for 75 minutes and is packed full of mystery and surprise.

With the Da Vinci escape room tips from this article and a family eager for fun, you can’t go wrong with Da Vinci’s Secret. Book your escape room today and try it out for yourself!