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7 Escape Room Storylines to Try With Your Family

01 Feb 2019

What's the best escape room storyline for your family to try?

The first thing to think about is the theme of your escape room.

Escape room storylines add an extra layer of depth to the escape room experience, so you’ll want to pick yours carefully.

With this article, you’ll be fully equipped to choose the best escape room storyline for your family.

What Are the Escape Room Storylines?

Escape room storylines keep an escape room from just being a random series of puzzles.

At its most basic, an escape room storyline gives you a theme that the puzzles will be built around.

Storylines can have a basic or complex storyline.

With a basic storyline, each of the puzzles may have a fantasy theme, or you may be doing highly-technical puzzles the entire time.

When you’re working through a more complicated storyline, you might play a role, such as a CIA agent or a vampire slayer. You’ll also have a goal to complete before time runs out, rather than just being told to complete all of the puzzles.

How Can Escape Room Storylines Make My Experience More Interesting?

When your escape room has a story behind it, you’re much more likely to get sucked into the world of the room and become interested in solving it.

After all, if you’ve been tasked with saving the world, you’re more likely to put your best foot forward.

In addition, some escape room storylines have a mystery hidden behind them. You may be trying to discover a deadly secret, track down a killer, or find a hidden stash.

The excitement of solving the mystery can push you and your family toward a victory!

What Types of Escape Room Storylines Are Good for Families?

Different escape room storylines work better for different families.

1. Young Children

If your family has younger members, then consider avoiding horror-themed escape rooms. These rooms often tend to deal with solving a murder, outwitting a dangerous creature, or escaping a spooky environment. While these can be fun, they’re also more likely to make younger children feel uncomfortable.

That being said, there are plenty of escape room storylines that play well to kids!

Consider choosing a fantasy or action room, as these themes can engross younger family members without startling them. If your children enjoy searching for items, pick a theme where the goal is to retrieve an item or person.

2. Older Children

Families with older children may want to try an escape room storyline that incorporates a little more danger. Although some older children will still be sensitive to horror themes, you may be able to go for a thrilling story, as opposed to a gentle one.

When planning an escape room outing for a family with older children, it’s a good idea to consult them before booking the room.

If you find that your whole family wants something spooky, then book one of the horror-themed rooms! However, if your family members are interested in something fantastical, you may want to try an action-packed adventure.

What Are 7 Escape Room Storylines My Family Can Try at 60OUT?

There are escape room storylines at 60OUT for all different kinds of families. Try these seven escape rooms in Los Angeles for a great family experience.

1. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Any family with action-loving individuals will have a blast with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

The Jumanji escape room, based on both the original Jumanji film and the sequel, throws players into the world of Jumanji. Each player embodies a certain character type, giving them certain unique strengths. The entire family has to work together to make it back out.

Jumanji is available for 4-8 players with a minimum age of 10.

2. Titanic

Take a trip back into the past and prevent a historic tragedy by taking a dip into Titanic.

Nowadays, Titanic is most well-known as a tragedy. However, in this escape room, your family takes on the heroic task of activating hidden controls that could save every individual on the ship. The thrill of the scenario makes it interesting enough for older family members, while not playing on the fears of younger family members.

Titanic can be booked with 2-6 players with a minimum age of 12.

3. Wizards Workshop

By incorporating a sprinkle of the fantastic, Wizards Workshop appeals to a wide variety of escape room enthusiasts.

At Wizards Workshop, you become students learning under a prestigious wizard. However, when your teacher makes a mistake with an experiment and becomes a soul without a body, your team has to save him before time runs out. Its difficulty level entices escape room enthusiasts, while still being whimsical enough for novices and kids.

You can book Wizards Workshop with 2-6 players with a minimum age of 10.

4. Zen Room

Anyone who wants an interactive romp through their own brain will love the Zen Room.

The story is very bare-bones: you have been put into a deep trance and emerged in a white, blank room that represents your brain. You must solve a series of puzzles to bring back the color. Because of its simplicity and relaxing nature, it’s a great option for families with younger children who are just getting into escape rooms.

Zen Room is available for 2-6 players with a minimum age of 10.

5. Dracula

Have you ever wanted to go head-to-head with a mythical creature? Dracula is for you.

As a group of vampire hunters, your team is on a mission to stop the vampire that has been recently spotted in the area. However, you only have an hour until sunset. By invoking Dracula, the escape room gets a little bit more spooky, but it may still be great for slightly younger family members that like vampires or mythical creatures.

Dracula can be booked for 2-6 players with a minimum age of 13.

6. Grandma’s Masterplan

Granny’s got a secret, and you’re about to uncover it in Grandma’s Masterplan.

When your grandma suddenly disappears with no warning, your team runs across a letter wherein she reveals a secret about her inheritance. You just have to find it.

Although the room is a bit more difficult than some other 60OUT rooms, it provides a mystery that even some younger children will find themselves engrossed in, especially when there are older family members to help them with the puzzles.

You can book Grandma’s Masterplan for 3-7 players with a minimum age of 10.

7. Hyde and Seek

If you want to solve a mystery, get ready to play Hyde and Seek.

In this scenario, your detectives who have been ordered by your director to investigate Hyde Circus, which has announced its closure despite enormous success. You have to find out if there’s anything shady happening.

This room is scarier than many of the other rooms, so it’s probably a good idea to avoid it with small kids. However, it’s a great choice for families with adolescent and teenage children.

Hyde and Seek can be booked for 2-6 players with a minimum age of 12.

Why Is 60OUT the Best Option for My Family?

At 60OUT, you can choose from 23 different rooms spread across seven different Los Angeles locations. These rooms span a range of difficulties, minimum ages, themes, and group size requirements, so you’re sure to find something that works just right for your family in particular.

The escape room storylines that you’ll find at 60OUT are unique, created with families in mind.

Whether your family wants an easy entry into the escape room world or something that will really challenge all of your problem-solving skills, you’ll find a 60OUT room that can accommodate you.

Even better, 60OUT allows you to schedule your booking online up to three months in advance. It’s the best escape room option in Los Angeles for every family.