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Just in time for summer fun, 60out is opening the largest and most innovative immersive entertainment center on the west coast at HHLA. This flagship location will feature five escape rooms and a VR room with more than 30 live-action adventures.

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Online escape rooms at 60out

30 Nov 2020

Online Escape Rooms

When the best option for an online escape room is going the virtual route, 60out is ready to show you a good time.

Enjoy the most exciting gaming experience on the planet, safely from your living room. This is the new game mode on lockdown and it’s time to check it out. 60out is delivering the goods when it comes to experiencing new adventures in game mode lockdown.

Experience Home Escape Games Online

There’s nothing more exciting than experiencing home escape games online. These are adventures that all your friends, work colleagues, or family members can enjoy.

Get started in a mystery room online and experience a new form of excitement whether you’re with friends or looking to make new friends.

We are all about inclusivity, and we pride ourselves on bringing people together. The online gaming space is a crowded one, but we know that you’ll love being a part of a great experience with 60out.

Enjoy the best online escape experience on the internet today.

Student Online Games

If you are a student that’s looking for some entertainment away from your school grind, it’s time to enjoy a comprehensive online adventure experience.

Try an easy online escape room or challenge yourself with a harder level of difficulty. For a realistic escape room experience regardless of difficulty level, try 60out.

It’s a no-brainer. 60out has been at the forefront of escape rooms for many years. Our goal is to make these accessible and fun for all involved. You can sign up and get started in minutes through our simple to use online interface. 60out prides itself on making the experience as easy as possible for everyone.

In other words, you don’t have to be super computer savvy to play. 60out lets you do it with ease. Whether you are a high-school student or college grad, 60out cultivates a great experience for all.

There’s no reason to wait until escape rooms are available in person. Get started online now and start enjoying a challenging game with friends.

Online Escape Room Puzzles

Think of escape rooms as interactive puzzles. Game mode lockdown gives you a new puzzle of sorts to find your way out of. It couldn’t be easier, just sign up on the website and start playing today.

We love providing a fun, lasting experience for all involved. 60out has become known for this and continues to deliver a great time for all. Are you looking to solve a puzzle starting today? Go on our website and create an account to begin.

Whether you’re into math, sciences, or just pure fantasy scenarios, be ready to engage your brain with 60out today.

Time to unlock your wild side with our comprehensive lockdown mode that will help you survive the lockdown blues.

There’s no better way to jumpstart your brain and experience an incredible time with anyone you want, thanks to an easy connection online.

Mystery escape rooms online are challenging, adventurous, and exhilarating. Try the new lockdown mode to begin your next adventure today.

60out online escape rooms:

  1. Immersive theatre with miss Jezebel
  2. Orions Ridiculous Revenge
  3. The Orphanage
  4. The Time Machine Escape room
  5. The Nautilus