A ship is lost without it's captain, but the twists and turns of the sea deliver you and your team aboard this state-of-the-art abandoned ship via our new virtual technology. Assemble your team and play from home with your friends from around the world. The ship has a bit of a personality, but you won't mind, as long as you're safe from what lurks in the ocean.


Players must have a working internet connected device to participate. All games will be broadcast over the app Zoom. Headphones are recommended for all players.

Koreatown location

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Nautilus Online escape room leaders
1st Place:
09 Jun 2020

Nautilus online escape room

Enjoy one of 60out’s most popular online games. The Nautilus online experience is extremely exhilarating despite its accessibility from one’s own home. Online games are the way of the future and 60out is trying to make the experience as realistic as possible.

Taking place in 1883, you can experience what it was like to be aboard the Nautilus firsthand. This thrilling online escape room lets you interact with the famous Captain Nemo, a mysterious and deeply solitary man, and explore for buried treasures within the Atlantic Ocean.

But look out! There are large, dangerous creatures navigating through the waters. They are trying to find your vessel and deliver an epic blow. Sure enough, your engine starts flooding and the entire system melts down. Worst of all, you lose your captain.

With only 1 hour of oxygen remaining, it’s time to dig deep and fight to survive. Unfortunately, the program that operates the ship does not accept orders from anyone but the actual captain.

It’s time to get real… you have to trick the program into assuming that you are the boat’s captain. Your survival depends on it!

Get ready to get dirty, explore your best options for coming out alive and prospering.