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Excitement is in the Air!

Just in time for summer fun, 60out is opening the largest and most innovative immersive entertainment center on the west coast at HHLA. This flagship location will feature five escape rooms and a VR room with more than 30 live-action adventures.

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LA’s #1 Escape Room is Back Open!

06 Apr 2021

It’s been a long time coming. 60out is proud to announce the reopening of its in-person escape rooms in Los Angeles.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, 60out has provided incredible virtual escape room experiences for people to enjoy from the comfort of their homes. These games aren’t going anywhere, and they will continue to allow the masses to enjoy a top-notch escape room experience from anywhere in the world.

Escape Rooms in LA

For escape room fans living or visiting Southern California, 60out is finally open to the public. Our Los Angeles location is ready to welcome families and friends who want to experience a fun in-person escape room.

Play a variety of fun games right down the street in one of America’s biggest cities. These are great escape rooms for large groups, kids, and more. There are many great adventures for couples too.

You can experience the world of Jumanji right from our Melrose Avenue location, or try The Orphanage at our Western Avenue location.

In addition to over a dozen in-person Los Angeles escape rooms to choose from, there are several new escape rooms opening up in the near future.

Escape Rooms for Kids in Los Angeles

Allow your kids to finally have some fun after a tough year. Enjoy 60out’s extensive array of escape rooms that will challenge and intrigue them. There are a variety of invigorating escape rooms to test their problem-solving skills and teamwork.

Whether you want to bring the whole family along or celebrate a friend’s birthday party, 60out has the spaces to make it happen.

There are many scary escape rooms in Los Angeles, but 60out has a better variety than most. Let your children live out a bevy of fun adventures from the safety and comfort of one of 60out’s locations.

Horror Escape Room

Have a good fun scare with your closest friends and families. Enjoy the most horror-filled escape rooms in Southern California and embark on a new adventure.

60out has a ton of “scary” rooms for just about any occasion, including bachelor parties, corporate events, birthdays, and more. Finally, you can bring your crew together in an exciting environment. Get the best live-action experience right in the heart of Los Angeles.

Are you in a time-sensitive situation? There are escape rooms that should easily fit your time constraints, getting you in and out in a timely manner.

Enjoy 60out’s In-Person Escape Rooms

Ready to come to visit one of 60out’s in-person escape rooms? The time has come. We are now opening up to locals and visitors of the Los Angeles area.

Embark on a number of unique games and challenges for your entire family and friends. It’s truly a blast for all to enjoy. Want to learn more about the great options at 60out? Would you like to book a slot at one of the best escape rooms in Los Angeles?

Contact our team to learn more and embark on an exhilarating escape room today!