Where to Find the Best Scary Escape Rooms in Los Angeles

18 Jul 2019

What scary escape rooms does Los Angeles have to offer? Can they truly get your heart pumping?

Not all scary escape rooms in Los Angeles are created equally. Some offer soft-core scares best suited for families, while others have heart-stopping thrills that’ll satisfy life-long horror fans.

Which escape rooms have the best stories?

We’ve gathered all the frightening (and fun) details. Read on!

Why is Los Angeles So Attractive to Fun Seekers?

Whether it’s scary escape rooms or exciting tourist activities, Los Angeles has always been the top destination for anyone seeking a fun time.

Around fifty million people from across the world visited Los Angeles in 2018, and for good reason!

Excellent Museums, Art, and Weather

This city has over a hundred museums, the over two thousand stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the largest historical theater district in the nation.

Boasting great weather all year long, Los Angeles is the veritable entertainment capital of not only the United States but the entire world.

Fantastic Food, Beaches, and Festivals

In Los Angeles, you can find cuisines from cultures all around the world, over seventy miles of beautiful beaches, and festivals all year round. It’s hard to get bored with this range of options!

Countless Escape Rooms

There truly is something for everyone in Los Angeles, and this, of course, includes escape rooms of a wide variety of genres. If you are a horror fan, then Los Angeles absolutely has a scary escape room for you!

What are the Best Scary Escape Rooms You Must Try in Los Angeles?

So, are you ready to have a frightfully fantastic time playing a thrilling game? Here are some of the best scary escape rooms in Los Angeles!

Amityville – 1333 West Temple Street

All the families who have lived at 1333 West Temple Street suddenly disappeared without a trace – and you have just moved in!

Your new neighbors in this small town of Amityville are telling you to get out while you still can. Surviving your first night in your new home will be easier said than done. The evil spirit that inhabits this house might get you, too!

This eerie escape room is designed for two to six players and has a minimum age requirement of thirteen years. You have sixty minutes to decipher the clues and escape this medium-difficulty haunted house!

Ghost Ship – 7270 Melrose Avenue

Long ago, a ship lost at sea came under a terrible curse. Since then, the crew has wandered the world, capturing unwary travelers out of a desperate hope that someone might finally break the spell.

Now the ship has come for you. Will you and your group finally figure out how to release everyone on board from this dark curse? Or, like everyone else, will you too become a member of this spellbound sailing crew?

This hard-difficulty escape room takes two to six players on a high-seas adventure with a sixty-minute time limit. Sailors must be twelve years of age or older in order to join the crew!

Doctor Psycho – 1316 North Western Avenue

Any trip to the doctor’s office can be cause for anxiety, but this particular trip has gone horribly wrong! The psychotic doctor who runs this ward also moonlights as a voracious serial killer, and you and your fellow patients are his next victims.

You have exactly an hour before he returns to finish you off. Can you solve the puzzles to escape the room in time?

This escape room has a medium-difficulty level and a minimum age requirement of twelve years. It supports two to six players and has an hour-long time limit.

The Orphanage – 135 South Western Avenue

You are the newest arrival at the Fernvale Orphanage, a place known for keeping those in need of care… whether you like it or not.

Not long after the night begins, you realize that there’s something very wrong about the other inhabitants of this orphanage. Your goal is to quickly and quietly find your way out of the orphanage again, without waking the residents!

This scary escape room adventure has a medium-difficulty level, a sixty-minute time limit, and a minimum age requirement of twelve years. It requires some physical activity and is designed for a group of two to six people.

Dracula – 7270 Melrose Avenue

Word has it that your group is the best team of vampire slayers in the nation, and this community is in dire need of your services.

You arrive at the vampire’s lair an hour before the sun sets and the creature rises again. There’s no time to waste! Can you solve the puzzles and slay the vampire before it gets the better of you?

This spooky escape room supports two to six players and has a minimum age requirement of thirteen years. It has a hard difficulty level, an hour-long time limit, and requires some physical activity.

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