If you haven't been able to play Time Machine in person, now's your chance. Play from anywhere in the world with your friends online. You have been invited inside of one of the most brilliant minds of our time. Nikola Tesla welcomes you to take a peak inside his workspace -- a place where sparks fly and time stops. Play from home while you help Mr. Tesla search for one of his secret, prized inventions.


Players must have a working internet connected device to participate. All games will be broadcast over the app Zoom. Headphones are recommended for all players.

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Time time machine online game

Is time travel your thing? What about escape rooms and team building activities? If so, then 60out's vaunted time travel escape room is the place for you.

Join with old friends or make new ones with this exciting game. Group activities have never been easier to do in this fun, safe virtual environment. Take turns in this adventurous environment and enjoy a reasonable level of difficulty along the way.

The time is now to challenge your brain, take on some difficulty, and become your best self.

Join a One of a Kind Adventure in Time

Nikola Tesla is one of the foremost engineering minds of the past 200 years. Born in modern-day Croatia in 1856, Tesla would go on to make fantastic contributions to the design of the modern AC electricity supply system.

Quite astonishingly, Tesla would study engineering and physics without ever obtaining a degree. In the 1880s, he would work in telephony at Continental Edison in the electric power industry.

The Time Machine online escape room

Tesla is letting people inside his workspace for the "first" time. This is a place where the sparks are ready to fly. A true escape room experience unlike any other.

You may not win the Nobel Prize like Tesla, but at least you can make your own contributions to science, in a really fun way.

60out's Time Machine game is a great way to get people virtually active and striving for a common goal. Solve these puzzles in a collaborative, exciting fashion and get the job done together.

There's nothing else you have to know to get started. Simply sign in, assemble your crew together, and start competing. See how you can take this game to another level in the name of fun as you make new friends and form new alliances.

Get the Game Started in Minutes

It takes no time at all to launch your new game and start getting the job done. From the moment you jump in and compete, you'll be facing some unique challenges that make this time machine room one of our most exciting escape rooms available.

Location Doesn't Matter

You could live in Southern California or Timbuktu. Either way, you'll be able to enjoy this game anytime of the day and for any amount of time.

Time machine escape rooms allow you to reimagine history as well as the world around you in ways you never thought possible. The next time you want to have an adventure with friends, don't forget to check out an experience unline any other.

At 60out, these are some of the best escape rooms available online, hands down. Set yourself up for a fun time by easily signing up via email and transporting yourself to places you never thought possible.

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