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Sci-Fi Escape Rooms — What to Expect & Our Top Picks

05 Apr 2019

Are you looking for a thrilling event to put all other game nights to shame? Then you should try a sci-fi escape room!

These escape rooms have challenging puzzle games that place you in an immersive science fiction adventure.

But before you begin, what can you expect? Here is everything you need to know about sci-fi escape rooms.

The 4 Best Sci-Fi Escape Rooms

1. Godzilla vs. Kong

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Players: 4–8
  • Minimum Age: 9 years old
  • Time: 60 minutes

Embark on a legendary adventure with the world’s first Godzilla vs. Kong escape room.

Our innovative Godzilla vs. Kong escape room sets a new standard in immersive entertainment. Experience an unparalleled journey that defies expectations and sets the stage for an unforgettable adventure into the world of impossibly huge monsters!

From cutting-edge interactive displays to immersive soundscapes and revolutionary special effects, this experience revolutionizes the escape room landscape, offering a one-of-a-kind adventure that will leave you breathless.

2. Time Machine

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Players: 2–5
  • Minimum Age: 8 years old
  • Time: 60 minutes

Welcome to the inner sanctum of one of history's most brilliant minds. Nikola Tesla has graciously opened the doors to his laboratory. But beware, for the sands of time are slipping away as you embark on a quest to uncover one of his most clandestine and treasured inventions.

In this escape room experience, you and your team of scientists are tasked with journeying back to the dawn of the 20th century, where Tesla's marvel awaits. Your mission: retrieve this technological marvel for the betterment of humanity. For within its circuits lies the power to reshape the course of history, offering solutions to our greatest challenges and afflictions.

3. DaVinci’s Secret

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Players: 2–6
  • Minimum Age: 13 years old
  • Time: 75 minutes

Leonardo Da Vinci's final mystery is a puzzle crafted by the master himself for his favored pupil, Salai. Now, the opportunity is yours to uncover the secrets of Da Vinci’s enigmatic legacy.

Experience the thrill of exploration and the satisfaction of discovery as you and your team navigate through Da Vinci's secret room, racing against time to unlock its mysteries. Can you solve the puzzles before the next team takes on the challenge? Test your wits in Da Vinci’s Secret escape room and embark on an unforgettable journey into the mind of a genius.

4. Turing Test

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Players: 4–8
  • Minimum Age: 12 years old
  • Time: 60 minutes

Step into a world where the line between human and artificial intelligence blurs, and the ultimate question looms: are you truly human? In this hour-long session, you’ll undergo a routine test designed to distinguish between flesh and silicon. Your ability to pass the Turing test will determine your fate, as false positives are rare and consequences severe. But fear not, unless, of course, you have something to hide.

Prepare to engage your mind in trials of logic and critical thinking, showcasing the distinct traits of human intelligence. Collaboration with fellow humans is essential as you navigate through challenges aimed at uncovering any hidden AI among us. Success earns you the mark of humanity, while failure may lead to extermination. The stakes are high, so prove your humanity and avoid the fate that awaits those who fail the test.

Tickets and Incentives: What You Need to Know

Ticket prices for escape rooms can vary based on the theme of the room, the time of day, and how many people you bring with you.

Be sure to keep an eye out for ticket packages — you can often save money per person with a larger group!

Incentives. It never hurts to ask if the escape room company has a discount for birthdays or other special events. At 60out, we offer group pricing and events packages.

Why Should You Choose a 60out Sci-Fi Escape Room for Your Family Event?

All of 60out’s Los Angeles escape rooms are privately booked, making them ideal for family time. You don’t have to play with strangers!

Also, no 60out location has two rooms that are the same, so each room is a unique adventure! With their wide range of themes, difficulty levels, and prices, there’s an adventure perfect for your family waiting at 60out Escape Rooms.

Book your reservation today and let the sci-fi adventure begin!

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