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Everything You Need To Know About Escape Room Zombies

09 Apr 2019

Have you ever heard of escape room zombies?

This escape room theme presents you with a new, interesting way to spend time with your family, have fun with friends, or get to know your coworkers. Would you like to test your ability to survive the extreme circumstances of a zombie apocalypse?

Then you can work with your team to race against the clock and escape the zombie threat!

But just what is a zombie escape room? What puzzles are inside to challenge your brain? Do you need to bring anything? Here, we cover everything that you need to know, so you can beat the undead!

What Is a Zombie Escape Room?

In this escape room, you and your teammates are ‘trapped’ in a room in the middle of a zombie attack! You have one hour before the zombie breaks free of its chains. There’s just one thing to do: solve the puzzles in the room and escape before the zombie attacks you!

It's All About Engagement

Escape room zombies are a suspenseful adventure, fun for all ages. It’s much more exciting than passively watching someone else escape a zombie on TV.

The escape room requires that you and your family, friends, or coworkers get on your feet and move around an interactive room. The puzzles encourage you to think outside the box and give you a sense of pride when solving them.

No Barriers between You and the Fun

Escape rooms put you right at the center of the video game-style action. There is no screen between you and the sights, sounds, and objects you will use to solve the puzzles! To win the game, you must work as a team to solve riddles, uncover clues, and ultimately beat the zombie!

Can you escape the room before the clock runs down and the hungry zombie wins? It’s time to take on the challenge!

What Puzzles Might You Find with Escape Room Zombies?

There are several different puzzle categories. During your escape room zombie adventure, you might encounter one or all of them. Here are a few types to keep in mind!

1. Physical Puzzles

This is the most typical category of zombie escape room puzzle.

  • You may have to put together a physical puzzle - generally wooden or plastic - in order to read the clue on the object.
  • You might also have to undo a tangled knot to free a key that’s been tied to a wall.

Any drawers, cabinets, or safes with locks on them could be opened to reveal a clue within – or even the key to get out of the room and escape the zombie!

Be sure to listen to your game master at the start of the escape room session. Not all escape rooms require you to move furniture around. If you get the go-ahead to move the furniture in the room, then keep an eye out for any dressers that look out of place. There might just be a clue behind it!

2. Word Puzzles

Sometimes there are clues to be found in papers and journals left around the escape room.

  • Does a word appear to have been left out of a poem?
  • Are there mixed-up letters around the room that could come together to form a word? That word might be a vital part of your escape!

Sometimes combination locks require letters as well, so keep an eye out. Highlighted letters or crossword puzzles may give you the combination you need.

3. Math Puzzles

You do not need to be a math genius in order to beat escape room zombies. However, basic math puzzles often appear in zombie escape rooms.

  • Solving a simple equation may just give you the number needed to open a combination lock.
  • Keep an eye out for any math signs or symbols, like plus signs or parentheses, around the room. They may have to go together for a puzzle!
  • Also, if there is a Sudoku puzzle hanging on the wall, you might need to solve it in order to continue your escape.

Pick someone on your team who likes playing with numbers to focus on these puzzles.

4. Atmosphere Clues

Not all clues to beat escape room zombies immediately look like clues. The way that the room around you looks and sounds can also give you important information.


Does the ambient noise include a series of taps or beeps? Perhaps it is Morse code!

If there is a mysterious whispering, what is it saying?

If there is a record player, tape player, or CD player, see if you can find something to play them on – and make careful note of the lyrics.

Writings or Decorations

Take a closer look at the details of the room around you as you search for clues. A series of dots and dashes scribbled along the edge of the wallpaper could be Morse code.

A family portrait hung on the wall could include an object that’s in the room itself, and you need to use to escape.

And if there is anything in the room that does not seem to fit the theme – like an old Victorian clock in a science-fiction setting – it is definitely important!


Finally, pay attention to the lighting of the room. It is easy for your eyes to go towards the brightest part of the room.

However, if there is a darker corner, see if you can find a flashlight to uncover any hidden clues back there.

5. Hidden Clues

Part of the fun of an escape room with zombies is that the puzzles are a challenge to beat. Therefore, it is rare for a clue to be set out in the open for you to easily notice.

  • A bookshelf may be concealing a book with a hollow interior, holding a key.
  • A dresser may not only have drawers to pull open and look through, but also a false back concealing a hidden compartment!

Every part of the room could be hiding more than one clue, so be sure to check everything at least twice. You might find that a clue you uncovered when you first entered the room – like a secret word or number – suddenly becomes important again near the end of the hour!

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