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How To Host a Killer Escape Room Birthday Party Near Me: A Step-By-Step Guide

30 Mar 2023

Does this sound like you? You're mulling over how to make your birthday unforgettable this year, pondering over options that break the mold. "Hmm, what about an escape room birthday party near me?" you think to yourself. It strikes you as the perfect blend of excitement and uniqueness, offering not just a game but an experience where laughter and teamwork lead to moments that'll be reminisced about for years. The idea of bringing friends together for a challenge, the anticipation of unexpected twists, and the sheer joy of solving puzzles together — it all starts to paint the perfect picture for your special day.

This guide will discuss how to host a successful birthday party at an escape room. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to coordinate the ultimate party for anyone who wants something special for their big day!

Escape room near me birthday party

1. Research the best escape rooms near you

To plan the perfect party, start by researching the best escape rooms near you. Look for themes that cater to your and your friends’ interests, whether it be a spine-chilling haunted mansion or an adventure in a fantastical land. Check out online reviews and testimonials, leaving no stone unturned in the quest to ensure a memorable and thrilling event for you and your friends. Opt for an escape room that offers birthday packages to help streamline your party planning process.

2. Create a guest list

Be sure to bring a group of friends who are eager to participate in an interactive and mentally stimulating adventure. Whether you're an expert in the world of escape rooms or it's everyone's first time, this event guarantees an infusion of laughter, problem-solving, and creative team-building experiences that will undoubtedly result in lasting memories. Make sure you don’t exceed the room’s capacity and make sure you have enough guests to have a shot at beating the room!

3. Book the room

Once you've picked your ideal location and made your guest list, reach out to the staff to book your room and discuss any special requests or customizations to create the perfect atmosphere for your birthday celebration. Try to book your room two weeks in advance, ensuring you and your friends get the room and time slot you want, and giving your guests ample time to schedule around the party.

4. Find a place for the afterparty

Birthday party at escape room near me


After you’ve beaten—or been beaten by!—the escape room, you’ll want to have the afterparty at a nearby venue so everyone can unwind and share their experiences of the adrenaline-packed event. Contact the escape room to see if you can book a private party room for you and your friends. 60out has plenty of options for private events, birthday parties included!

5. Don’t forget a picture after beating the game!

Finally, don't forget to snap a commemorative group photo after triumphantly conquering the room. After all, it's not every day you get to live out your detective or adventure fantasies with friends, making for a truly unforgettable birthday bash!

Ready to party? Check out 60out’s escape rooms near you to find the perfect one for your birthday party! Or, learn more about our birthday party packages.

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