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Why You Should Try a Haunted House Escape Room This Halloween

25 Oct 2019

If you’re looking for an evening of frightful fun, try a haunted house escape room!

Better than haunted houses alone, these games match cleverness with spooky thrills for an even more immersive experience. The Halloween season isn’t complete without one.

What can you expect from your game? How are they better than your favorite haunted houses?

Read on to find out.

What is a Haunted House Escape Room?

Haunted house escape rooms are puzzle-solving games. You and your group will enter a room with an immersive theme – such as a vampire’s castle, a mad scientist’s lab, or a haunted Victorian mansion. The room is full of hidden clues and puzzles.

If you and your friends can solve all the puzzles before the time limit runs out, then you win the game.

So, how are these games better than regular haunted houses?

Spooky Escape Rooms: Better Than Haunted Houses

You are the Hero

Haunted houses are known for their immersive elements. However, in a haunted house, you are a passive participant. You just walk through the rooms in a line, looking at scary stuff and occasionally being startled by actors. Unfortunately, this can become dull and repetitive.

In an escape room, you are the hero of a story. You have an active role in the progress of an adventure. Instead of just observing, you must engage with the props in the room, solve puzzles with your group, and work toward a goal. Your actions affect the outcome of the escape room. This makes it far more immersive – and exciting.

Adrenaline Rush Without Depending on “Jump Scares”

Haunted house frights aren’t for everyone. An actor in a mask jumping out to scare you may not sound like fun – either because it’s too scary, or because it’s too cheesy to be scary.

Occasionally, an escape room may contain a prop that opens in a startling way or makes a sudden noise. However, on the whole, escape rooms do not depend on “jump scares” to set the mood.

Instead, the game uses immersive theming and the pressure of a time constraint to get your heart pounding.

When you have 60 minutes to escape a dungeon before an army of zombies knocks down the door, who needs a guy in a zombie mask to startle you?

Year-Round Fun

Haunted houses tend to operate on a seasonal basis, only opening their doors around Halloween.

Escape rooms, on the other hand, are open year-round. Horror fans can find spooky escape room themes all month, every month. The good scary fun never has to end!

Why 60OUT?

Open year-round, relying on quality scares (over basic surprises), and allowing you to participate in the fun, haunted house escape rooms are a great choice. If you’re ready to give one a try, then check out 60OUT.

The escape rooms at 60OUT include horror-themed adventures to rival any Halloween haunted house, setting you as the star of a spooky adventure. With rooms spanning a variety of genres and difficulty levels, you’re sure to find a game that’s right for you.

Best of all, all 60OUT escape rooms are booked privately.

Book your haunted house escape room game at 60OUT’s website today!