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Escape Room Emergency Exits: How They Keep the Game Safe

15 Oct 2019

Is an escape room emergency exit mandatory? How safe are you in the room?

It's easy to worry when thinking about these safety questions. After all, escape rooms are puzzle-solving adventures, but the theme involves being ‘locked’ in a room and forced to rely on your wits to escape.

So, what happens if it stops being fun? What if there’s an accident or a fire?

Here’s what you should know about escape room emergency exits, so you can put your mind at ease.

Escape Room Emergency Exit - How to Leave the Room

Emergency Key

Some escape rooms do physically lock you in – but they also leave a key on a chain next to the door. This key is not relevant to the game you’re playing. Instead, it serves as quick and reliable way for you to leave the room if necessary. Be warned, however: using this key may end the game early.

Magnetic Locks

Your escape room may keep the door shut with a magnetic lock instead of a standard key lock. Once you solve the puzzles in the room, you will trip a sensor that shuts off the magnet and opens the door.

Because the magnet is powered by electricity, this means that the door’s “default” position is open, not closed. In the event of a power failure, the door will open all on its own, allowing you to exit.

Emergency Exit Button

In rooms that use a magnetic lock, there will often be a large button labeled “push to exit” near the door. Hitting this button will end the game and allow you to exit right away, without fumbling over a key.

No Locks At All

Not all escape room games are about unlocking a door! Some games introduce you to other goals, like opening a vault or deciphering a message. In these escape rooms, the door is not locked at all and you can leave at any time. It is likely that if you leave the escape room before the game is complete, you will not be allowed to continue the game. Be sure to listen to the rules before you start!

What Safety Equipment is in the Escape Room?

Surveillance Cameras

A host or “game master” is always watching you and your group while you’re in the escape room. They have cameras and microphones positioned all around the room, so they can see and hear you, and make sure that everything is okay!

In the event of an emergency, whether the emergency is inside or outside of the room, the game master can end the game and open the door.

Communications Equipment

All escape rooms have a way for the players and the game master to communicate. This might be as simple as a walkie-talkie or radio device in the room.

There may also be a speaker system for announcements, or a computer monitor that displays text messages sent by the game master.

These devices can be used to provide hints for the game or report an emergency.

Smoke Detectors

Escape room facilities are up to building code! This means that there is fire detection equipment, like smoke detectors, inside the room. The game master may warn you in advance not to tamper with this equipment, because it is real and necessary for your safety.

Why 60OUT?

You can rest easy, knowing that escape rooms are built to be fun – but also very safe. With your newfound peace of mind, you should check out 60OUT’s collection of escape rooms in Los Angeles!

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