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Why Your Next Date Night Should Be an Escape Room for Couples

08 Oct 2019

For your next date, should you try an escape room for couples?

It’s certainly more unique than the average “dinner and a movie.”

But there are even greater advantages. What could you gain from an escape room for couples on your next date night? Read on to find out.

Why Should Couples Book an Escape Room for Date Night?

Here are some of the ways escape rooms are perfect for a couple's date night.

Making Lifelong Memories

Escape rooms stand out among other date night experiences. Unlike movies or sports games, they’re not about passively watching other people do an activity.

Escape rooms get you and your partner on your feet, out of your comfort zone, and into an immersive adventure.

The themed room makes both of you the stars of a story, whether you’re exploring a magical jungle or searching for clues in a mad scientist’s laboratory.

While the times you went out to dinner may blur into one memory, you and your date will never forget the adventure you enjoyed playing an escape room game.

Practicing Communication

Communication between you and your partner is a vital part of any relationship.

What’s more, communication is essential to your success in an escape room as well.

Escape rooms are designed to be played together, rather than alone. You and your date will need to clearly communicate what you each see and find in the room in order to put the clues together.

The communication skills you practice in an escape room for couples will serve you well after the game is done!

Forging Teamwork Skills

In an escape room, you and your partner must work together as a team to succeed. This is just like real life, where you two face the challenges of the world together.

An escape room creates an opportunity for discovering what skills you and your partner each bring to your relationship. Not everyone has the same skillset; you might be great at word puzzles, while your partner is better at numbers.

Like the outside world, an escape room requires people with different skills to come together as a team–or as a couple.

Learning Patients

Yes, an escape room is a race against the clock; you only have an hour or so to solve the puzzles.

At the same time, being patient is key to escape room success--just like it is key to relationship success.

Escape rooms are a great way for you and your partner to practice remaining calm under pressure. This game is a safe place to practice patients by searching for all possible solutions to a problem, rather than plunging in wildly.

Building Trust

In a relationship, trust is just as important as patience or communication.

Of course, it can be scary to trust someone at first! An escape room is a fun place to practice trusting your partner.

You can give up control of a puzzle and trust that your date has found an answer that you haven’t. Trusting your partner in an escape room, and learning that they trust you as well, will strengthen your bond even after the game is over.

Discovering Your Chemistry

If your relationship is just starting out, you’re still learning how well you function together as a team.

How does your date communicate? What hidden skills or talents do they have?

An escape room is a great way for you and your date to learn about yourselves and each other. You even have an opportunity to discover how your partner acts under pressure–something very important to know for the future of a relationship. This is all in a safe, low-stakes environment.

You will not only have fun, but emerge with a better, healthier view of each other and your relationship.

Which Types of Escape Rooms Should You Choose?

There are many different types of escape rooms around Los Angeles. Here are some of the themes you and your date can choose from.

Wizard’s Apprentices

You and your date are cast in the roles of a wizard’s apprentices! Your teacher has summoned you in order to teach you a new spell.

However, his spell has gone awry, and now the wizard is stuck as a soul without a body.

You and your partner must work together--using your wit and what little magic the wizard has taught you so far--to crack the clues and bring him back before it’s too late.

Murder Hospital

This was supposed to be an ordinary trip to the doctor for you and your partner. It turns out that you are both patients of a villainous physician, who is actually a serial killer.

He’s left you two locked in his office for now… but soon, he will return. Can you and your date solve the doctor’s sinister puzzles and escape the room, before he returns?

Dracula’s Castle

You and your date are world-renowned vampire hunters, called to help a village near a mysterious castle. Vampires sleep during the day, but you have only an hour before sunset.

You and your partner must race against the clock to decipher the clues and defeat the vampires before they awaken and get you first.

Swindler at the Circus

It’s time to solve a crime! You and your partner have come to a circus on the verge of bankruptcy. Someone on the team has been stealing money from their bosses.

It’s up to the two of you to explore the circus tent and find whatever clues you can, so you can figure out who is at fault. Hurry up, before the circus closes its doors forever!

Zombie Virus

A deadly virus has wreaked havoc on the world, turning people into zombies. You and your date are members of a search party sent to the lab where this virus originated.

There must be a cure somewhere in that mad scientist’s notes! You will have to work together to solve the puzzles and save the human race before it’s too late.

Why 60OUT?

An escape room for couples is not only great fun, but it can be a wonderful learning process. You may uncover important details about yourselves and your relationship, from communication skills, to patience, to teamwork abilities.

As you consider a venue for your next date, check out the escape rooms at 60OUT. They currently host more than 20 themed, immersive escape room games, and more are being developed every day. These escape rooms cover a wide range of difficulty levels and genres, so it’s easy to find one that's right for you.

Best of all, 60OUT escape rooms are privately booked–no exceptions! You and your partner have complete control over who joins you for this couples’ night out.

Book your date night escape room game at 60OUT’s website today!