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Thanksgiving Escape Rooms: Why Unusual Thanksgiving Activities Are the Best

21 Nov 2019

Do you have family in town for the Thanksgiving holiday? Escape rooms are the perfect Thanksgiving activity for your whole family to participate in. They’re a fun outing to get out of the house and get to know your family in a different way. 

In this blog, we’ll explain why Thanksgiving is a great time to visit an escape room, and give you some of our top picks for the best rooms for the holiday.

Why Do an Escape Room on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering, giving thanks, and indulging in the warmth of family traditions. Amidst the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, why not add an adventurous twist to your holiday festivities this year? Going to an escape room presents an unexpected yet thrilling way to bond with your loved ones and create lasting memories. Far from your average board game night or movie marathon, escape rooms offer a dynamic, immersive experience that challenges your collective wit and teamwork.

How is doing an escape room family bonding?

Not only is an escape room fun, but it is a perfect family bonding activity. While solving the puzzles in an escape room, your family will learn to work together. Escape rooms require puzzle solving skills that make your brain work in different ways than usual. See your family members in a new way. Each player adds their own set of skills to help the group. 

How is an escape room different than playing games at home?

Not only do you get out of the house, but a new unique challenge will build new memories. Escape rooms involve puzzles, logic, and interactive storytelling while combining them all with a social aspect. Most games put your family on different teams or against each other. Escape rooms are different because your entire group will all be on the same team, working together to accomplish one common goal. The better each individual does, the better chances your family has at escaping together. 

Best Turkey-Day Escape Rooms for the Family

Here are our picks for the best Thanksgiving day activity for every family.

The thrill seeking familyThe Orphanage. This room is designed for 2–6 players. Your family will be sent into an extremely dark room where you have to navigate your way out. Word to the wise: this room is not for the faint of heart!

Perfect for families with childrenAlice in Wonderland. This 2–6 player room is whimsical and fun, and perfect for all ages. You can’t go wrong with Alice!

A big familyTuring Test. Turing Test is a medium-difficulty 4–8 player room. In this science-fiction-inspired room, you’ll have to work together to prove that you’re human…or else.

The active familyHoudini. Demonstrate that your family is full of escape artists in this 3–5 player room. This game is an adventure room that involves physical activity, so it’s sure to get your heart pumping even more than a Thanksgiving morning turkey trot!

Ready to play?

60out offers 26 unique rooms located all over Los Angeles. Our games are known as the most exciting, engaging, immersive, and obstacle-driven escape rooms in LA. Our escape rooms cover a wide variety of difficulty levels so we’re sure you will find one that is the perfect Thanksgiving activity for everyone in your family. Best of all, 60out rooms are all booked privately. No strangers put in your room with you — it’ll just be your family!

This year, don’t escape your family! Escape at 60out with your family.

Book your Thanksgiving room at our website today!

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