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The 7 Best Escape Room Themes for You and Your Family

13 Jan 2019

Are you getting ready to book an escape room?

Decide which room to book with this guide to the best escape room themes.

What Are the Most Common Escape Room Themes?

When you’re looking through escape rooms, you’ll find 7 recurring themes.

1. Basic

A basic room has only a very light theme.

With a minimalistic theme, you can focus on solving puzzles. A good example is the Zen Room, which takes place mostly in a blank white room.

2. Escape a Threat

These rooms require you to escape from a dangerous scenario. Here are a few examples:

Doctor Psycho stars a serial killer masquerading as a doctor.

Jumanji requires an escape from an entire fictional world.

After being dropped off in an abandoned ship, Nautilus makes you avoid lurking underwater terrors.

Your house, infested by evil spirits, is turned against you in Amityville.

3. Rescue Mission

Here, your goal is to get in, rescue something, and get back out.

Your rescue could be a person — in Wizards Workshop, you have to rescue a teacher after a magical accident; and in Alice in Wonderland, you rescue Alice from Wonderland. In the Ghost Ship room, you’re trying to rescue a whole crew from a cursed ship!

You could also be rescuing an item. Outbreak revolves around finding the serum to a deadly virus. In Galaxy Quest, you and your crew are retrieving a weapon from a spaceship.

4. Espionage

This theme has you discreetly infiltrate a scenario to achieve your goal.

Cartel: DEA Undercover posits your group as government agents trying not to provoke a dangerous crime lord.

5. Investigate a Crime

Something’s gone wrong, and it’s your job to discover the culprit.

Hyde Circus has you investigating a successful circus that’s been shut down for a potentially-dark reason.

Though The Mystery of Senator Payne is strictly political on the surface, the scenario quickly becomes a dangerous secret.

The Orphanage has a charitable exterior, but is a nightmare inside.

6. Prevent a Crime

Contrary to an investigation, in these escape rooms, the crime hasn’t happened yet.

When playing Red Alert, you’re trying to stop the world from being decimated by nuclear missiles.

In Titanic, your crew is trying to activate the Titanic’s lifesaving controls.

And the Dracula room has you hunting down the perpetrator before he sucks anyone’s blood.

7. Solve a Mystery

With a complicated mystery hindering your access to an exciting prize, it’s up to you to crack the codes!

Grandma’s Masterplan starts with a letter from your team’s grandma offering her inheritance — if you can find it, of course.

Da Vinci’s Secret revolves around solving Da Vinci’s last gift to his pupil.

While these two mysteries are heart-felt, your characters aren’t always pure of heart — Casino Heist has your team attempting to crack a million-dollar storage room, and Mafia turns your gang into hungover Mafia members trying to find lost money.

What Are the Best Escape Room Themes for Different People?

When it comes to finding the best escape room themes, each family's preference will be different.

Those with younger children will want to stay away from scary, high-stakes games. Try a mystery or minimalistic room instead.

Scarier rooms can attract certain families, especially those with teenagers. The thrill of a threat is a great introduction to escape rooms!

Why 60OUT?

As you can see, there are 23 escape room themes at 60OUT, each with their own flair.

With so many themes in so many different categories, you have access to the best escape room themes! Book one today!