You’ve convinced a few of your friends to head deep into the woods with you to explore the abandoned Fernvale Orphanage. You’ve all heard the spooky rumors. The door closes behind you and bolts shut. If there is a way out, you have no choice but to go deeper to find it. In just a weak glimmer of candlelight, you must travel down the path the director dug out many years before, casting the same spells he used to first open these doors. What was that noise? Is someone walking down the hallway? What happens if you're not out of here by midnight? Please, lost souls, heed this warning. Or book a room today...


Players must have a working internet connected device to participate. All games will be broadcast over the app Zoom. Headphones are recommended for all players.

Koreatown location

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The Orphanage The Ultimate Escape Room Challenge

A true escape room experience unlike any other. The Orphanage Online escape room will haunt you from start to finish. As you meet the other lone souls in this room, you’ll quickly learn that the key to survival is playing nice.

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The Best Way to Spend an Online Birthday

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How to Celebrate a Birthday in Quarantine

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