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Top 2 Casino Escape Room Tips for Your Family

07 May 2019

Interested in the top two tips you'll need to solve the casino escape room?

Picture this: You enter an abandoned casino, cleared of people, but you know there’s a safe full of money somewhere inside. However, you’re not the only one looking for this payload!

In this escape room game, you and your family must work together to solve puzzles, find the money, and get out of the casino before your competitors catch up with you. To up the suspense, the casino is going to be demolished in an hour – so you’d better hurry!

In this article, we'll share the top 2 casino escape room tips to help you and your family get the payload before the building is demolished.

What Puzzles Are Usually In a Casino Escape Room?

What exactly is in store for you and your family inside a casino escape room? Here are two types of puzzles that you may discover and need to solve:

Word Puzzles

Many casino escape room clues can be found in the letters and words you find around the room. This can include papers and journals stashed in desks, or even scrambled letters on the wallpaper.

Sometimes combination locks to safes require letters as well as numbers, and stray letters left around the room might just give you the combination you need!

Math Puzzles

You don’t need to be a math whiz to beat a casino escape room, but basic math puzzles are often part of the adventure.

Keep your eyes open for common math signs or symbols left around the room, such as plus signs or minus signs. Choose someone in your family who likes playing around with numbers to focus on these puzzles.

What Top 2 Casino Escape Room Tips Do You Need?

Now that you know the puzzles to expect in the casino escape room, read are our top 2 tips to help you and your family create the best strategy to win the game!

1. Spread Out

While it’s important to work together in any escape room games, working together does not mean standing clumped around the same clue.

The clues to solving any single casino escape room puzzle are likely spread throughout the room, to make it more of a challenge.

There are also a lot of puzzles to solve, and only so much time. If you spread out, you increase your chances of success.

2. Talk Out Loud

Be sure not to keep everything you see, do, and think inside your own head.

Make a point of commenting out loud about anything you notice, even if you aren’t sure yet whether it’s a clue.

If you are looking at a combination lock that needs four letters, and you hear someone say across the room, “There are four letters repeated on this picture frame.” then you can put those clues together.

Why 60OUT?

Use these tips to solve the Casino Heist escape room at 60OUT, which has puzzles that are perfect for family bonding time. All of their 23 immersive, themed escape rooms are privately booked, so you don’t have to play with people you don’t know! 60OUT’s escape rooms include a wide variety of themes and difficulties, so you’re sure to find one that your family will love.

Check out 60OUT’s Casino Heist Escape Room, and book your puzzle-solving adventure today!