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Are Escape Rooms Private? Pros and Cons of Private and Public Rooms

14 Dec 2018

You may be wondering: am I going to be set up with random people or are escape rooms private?

The answer is, there are both public and private escape rooms. When you go to book your escape room, you will find a number of options for different rooms in your area.

Which is better? How does each one work?

Read this article to find out!

What Is a Private Escape Room?

When you book a private escape room, only the people you bring will be allowed inside the room. That means you won’t have any strangers with you when you’re playing.

Private Booking Benefits

Booking privately means you’ll only play with the people you bring.

Although it can be fun to play with other people, it can also be difficult. After all, you don’t know them, and you’re not really there to bond with them.

Booking privately ensures that the people you’re there to have fun with are the only people you're surrounded by. Plus, it can make it easier to solve the escape room, since you’re working with people you already know.

Drawbacks of Private Booking

With private escape room reservations, there will always be a minimum number of people required for a reservation. Public escape rooms may be able to accommodate just one person and pair them up with other groups, but private rooms require a minimum number in order to cover operating costs.

This also helps provide appropriately challenging puzzles — many puzzles require more than one person to operate.

What Is a Public Escape Room?

With a public escape room, groups can be mixed and matched in order to reach the required minimum number of players.

Public Booking Benefits

When you play in a public room, you can usually book as few people as you want. After all, you’ll be added to another group! Some private escape room bookings require 3 or 4 people as a minimum. This makes it hard to book one-on-one events like date nights. With a public booking, you're able to participate in an escape room no matter how small your group is.

Drawbacks of Public Booking

Of course, while being paired with other people in an escape room can be positive, it can also be negative. Especially if there are multiple groups in one room, or there are multiple newcomers to the escape room experience. It can be easy to retreat into your comfort zone.

If you're uncomfortable playing with strangers, or one team isn’t good at that, you’ll have a harder time playing.

Why Is 60out the Best Option?

All 60out escape rooms are private and are available for as few as two people, but allow up to eight! You can make a booking for your next date night or family outing surrounded by people you know (instead of strangers). Book a room and try out our private escape room today!