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How Do Escape Rooms Work? (& What to Expect in Your Escape Room)

18 Dec 2018

Escape rooms are quickly becoming a favorite of families, couples, and work groups across the country. They provide a fun, immersive way to bond with the people you’re around the most.

How do escape rooms work overall? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look of what to expect in an escape room.

How Does an Escape Room Operate?

Escape rooms give you clues, which you use in order to solve puzzles. These clues may be physical, auditory, or visual, but only give you part of the solution. You have to put the clues together in order to progress and (eventually) solve the room.

An escape room is solved based on your interactions with the environment around you. You may have to:

  • press buttons,
  • find a key,
  • walk in a certain way, or
  • put literal puzzle pieces together.

In any case, you’ll be hunting around your escape room for things you can interact with.

Your progress and completed tasks can be tracked digitally or physically.

More high-tech rooms rely on a computer and are able to incorporate plenty of digital solutions to puzzles. This can include electromagnetic keys and specific lighting cues.

While still technology-based, there are also less-technical activities like pushing buttons or flipping switches.

Physical puzzles are often mixed in with digital puzzles, even in a very high-tech room. Plus, you may need to find a physical key to open a door or press a specific part of the wall in order to open a hidden panel.

Some rooms involve moving large items. For example, if you’re trying to access a puzzle hidden behind a piece of furniture, you might have to move larger items around to navigate the area.

What Can I Expect in My Escape Room?

Every escape room operates differently. There are varying degrees of difficulty. In addition, some rooms are more geared toward digital solutions while some may include more physical solutions.

The best way to learn how your escape room will operate is to read the description of the room carefully and ask questions if you need more information.

Digital and physical puzzles can be any level of difficulty. You don’t have to assume that a high-tech room is more difficult than a room that is less focused on technology!

Take a look at the difficulty level and the theme of the room. If you’re bringing younger kids, veer toward a lighter, easier room. If your kids are older, they might enjoy a more difficult room, packed with suspense.

Why 60OUT?

60OUT offers plenty of escape rooms in the Los Angeles area to help you find the perfect option for your family. Whether you need a room tailored to your family’s ages, accessibility requirements, skills, or other necessities, 60OUT has an option for you.

When it comes time to set up your family’s escape room outing, take a look at the available rooms to see which one you’ll have the most fun playing!