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Escape Room for 2 People: Benefits, Drawbacks & Best Options

29 Dec 2018

Want to book an escape room in LA for 2 people?

Whether you want to bond with one of your kids specifically or you’re trying to create a very unique date, you might be thinking about visiting an escape room for 2 people.

There are many things to consider when you book a two-person escape room reservation.

In this article, we'll discuss the benefits and drawbacks, and the best options for an escape room in Los Angeles for 2 people.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks?

There are benefits and drawbacks to every group size, no matter how big or small. When you're booking an escape room for 2 people, keep these benefits and drawbacks in mind:

 1. Benefits

  • You won’t be rushed. With larger groups, different people may have wildly different goals. Some may want to finish as fast as possible, while others are more interested in enjoying the experience. When you only have two people playing, you can more easily have aligned goals and match each other’s pace.
  • It offers a more focused bonding experience. If you’re trying to communicate more effectively with one member of your family, an escape room for 2 people can give you the opportunity to work together and solve puzzles one-on-one.

2. Drawbacks

  • You will have to pay a higher price per person. The more people you have in your escape room, the more discounted each person’s ticket will be. With only two people, you’ll pay the maximum ticket price.
  • More physically interactive puzzles may be more difficult. Some puzzles may require you to lift items, push things, or otherwise interact with the environment. With only two people, you’re limited to the power that those people can provide.
  • There may be too many puzzles to make it out in time. With a large group, each person can work on a different puzzle at the same time, shortening the escape time. However, when you have two people, you can only work on two puzzles at a time. In a puzzle-heavy escape room, you may run out of time.

What Are the Best Options for an Escape Room for 2 People?

There are usually just as many options for two people as there are for large groups! In order to choose the best escape room for 2 people, consider these features:

1. Difficulty Levels

  • An easier room will be less complicated and require less puzzle-solving than a harder room. By opting for an easier room, you have a greater chance of being able to escape.
  • Sometimes, a lower-difficulty room can, in fact, be very difficult when there are only two people playing. Sticking with an easier room is advantageous and can still be a great challenge! A hard room is probably not the best option when you’re playing with two people for the first time.

2. Themes

  • Generally, you can do any theme you’d like! Escape rooms for two people aren’t usually limited by theme.
  • With two people, it’s much easier to decide on a theme, as there will only be two opinions. Use that to your advantage to find something the two of you will really love.

Why 60OUT?

Most of the rooms 60OUT offers have a minimum of two players. That means you’ll be able to try and solve just about any 60OUT room with only one partner.

Even better, rooms with a minimum of two players include easy, medium, and hard rooms across every theme.

No matter who you’re playing with or how much escape room experience the two of you have, your options won’t be limited at 60OUT.

Book a room today and secure some bonding time between yourself and a member of your family!