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How to Find an Escape Room for 8 People (& The Best Options)

31 Dec 2018

Are you trying to book an escape room for 8 people, but having trouble finding one?

If your group is especially large (e.g. 8 people!), you may feel like your options are limited. Perhaps you have a large family or want to book an escape room with a family you love hanging out with.

With this guide, you can be prepared to book an escape room for 8 people.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks?

Every group size presents unique benefits and drawbacks. When your group requires an escape room for 8 people, keep these important factors in mind.


  • You’ll pay less per person. As your group size goes up, the price per person goes down. By booking six or more players, you’ll often save over $10 per person when compared to the two-player price. An escape room for 8 people is a very cost-effective way to have a great time, especially in a city like Los Angeles where many alternatives are expensive.
  • You’ll be able to solve more labor-intensive puzzles. A big problem with smaller groups is that they just don’t have enough people to solve all the puzzles. If you need to move a large item, see things from multiple perspectives, or solve a number of puzzles all at once, a big team will be much more well-equipped.


  • Tight spaces could make it harder for everyone to be involved. If there’s a small crawlspace or hidden room, an eight-person group might just be too large for everyone to play a part. If your escape room for 8 people has small spaces, it’ll make it more difficult for everyone to feel like they’re actually contributing.
  • There may not be enough puzzles for everyone to play at the same time. To quickly solve an escape room, each person will usually break off and solve puzzles simultaneously. However, if there are only four or five puzzles in a section of your escape room for 8 people, some people might end up standing around with nothing to do.

What Are the Best Options for An Escape Room for 8 People?

From large groups to small groups, there are escape rooms around LA - and most other big cities - for everyone! Here are some guidelines you may want to follow to book a great escape room for 8 people.

Difficulty Levels

  • Harder rooms have more puzzles to solve and require more strategizing, meaning that two or three people could work on the same puzzle at once. By ramping up the difficulty, it’s more likely that you’ll end up with a suitably interactive escape room for 8 people.
  • Always take into account the ages and experience level of your players. If your group consists of mostly younger members, an easy room can provide a great challenge, even if the group is very large.


  • An escape room for 8 people isn’t limited by theme. You can try any theme you want, provided the room accommodates enough people.
  • Try to find a theme that everyone can appreciate by talking about your options beforehand.

Why 60OUT?

With nearly two dozen escape rooms across Los Angeles, 60OUT is perfect for your next group outing.

For the best escape room for 8 people, try the Jumanji room!

If your group is slightly smaller, Grandma’s Masterplan accommodates up to seven people. Nearly all of 60OUT’s other rooms hold up to six people, so you have options for groups of all sizes.

Book a room today and take advantage of the family-sized fun 60OUT offers!