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My name is Gyleen Villegas, born in the Philippines and raised in California. Being an adventurous person, my favorite past time is exploring new cities. My approach to game mastering is simple, make them BELIEVE that it isn’t just a game...it’s a real experience. I will never forget any of my wonderful experiences with escape rooms, and I’m excited to participate in more!

Tim Photo

Hey! My name’s Tim and I’m a born and raised Los Angeles local. I try to give the customers the best game experience by giving hints that aren’t super direct-so they can still enjoy the fun of figuring the puzzles out. My favorite 60Out escape room is The Orphanage, probably because I love scary movies.

Blue Photo

Hi there! My name's Blue, and I'm a Southern California native who has a love for all games. My favorite room at our location is The Orphanage because it's so immersive--and admittedly a little terrifying. I love being a Game Master and strive to give each and every group a great time and lasting memories.