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Escape rooms are exciting and put your logic to test. They also reveal how people react in stressful situations, which is a joy to observe.

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The first time I played an escape room was 4 years ago, and I’ve been hooked since! Working at one is just the icing on top!

Alan Photo

People should come play at 60out because it gives people new experience. It’s super fun and solve many puzzles you would think you can’t do but anyone can! Other than that, I recommend to play all of our games and we won’t let you down in this new experience of fun you’ll be in!!

Andrew Photo

Escape Rooms are a great way to challenge yourself while also having a really fun and exciting time. Whether it be for a team building exercise or purely just for fun, come in and try to escape one of our rooms!

Sia Photo

Escape rooms remind me of adventure video games that I used to play when I was a kid. They transport me into completely different world and let you experience adventures in real life.