Casino Heist escape room

You got the keys to a secret storage room in an abandoned casino with millions of dollars, but so did your competitors. Can you get the money before the other gang gets to it? Oh, and the casino is being demolished in an hour, GOOD LUCK!

60 min
Minimum age
10 years
Not accessible

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West LA location

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Casino Heist escape room leaders
1st Place:
07 Aug 2018
Casino Heist escape room leaders
2st Place:
28 Mar 2018
Casino Heist escape room leaders
3st Place:
19 Aug 2018

Casino Heist Escape Room Overview

The local casino has gone out of business and is going to be demolished. Rumor’s gone out that there are millions of dollars in cash stored inside one of its rooms, and there are a few groups of people making it their mission to get to that money. Only 2 groups will have been given a key to the rumored room, and they must race to get to its door. 

You and your friends are one of those groups, and with key in hand you begin your journey to millions. You can’t have 60 minutes before the casino gets demolished with you and the cash still inside. You’re in a race to riches, and your only hope in making it out alive — and a millionaire — is to use the clues you’re given to solve your way through that casino. 

The race is on, and you’re already making plans to spend those millions. Can your group beat the other to the cash before the casino goes down? It’s definitely worth a shot. Book the Casino Heist escape room today and take that bet.