Galaxy Quest escape room

Your crew has been hired to retrieve a weapon device aboard an abandoned space ship. The choices you make may very well decide the fate of many people's lives.

60 min
Minimum age
6 years
Not accessible

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Escape Room Schedule opens on 1 Apr
Downtown location

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Galaxy Quest escape room leaders
1st Place:
10 Dec 2018
Galaxy Quest escape room leaders
2st Place:
11 May 2019
Galaxy Quest escape room leaders
3st Place:
11 May 2019

Galaxy Quest LA Escape Room Overview

The most recent space mission was a complete disaster. In turn, the government has halted all space-related research. The last spaceship to have lifted off made a terrible crash landing, and the Space Department was too disappointed to clean up the mess. They did, however, leave a highly destructive weapon on the vessel, and they need someone to get it out. 

You and your crew have been hired to retrieve the weapon from the abandoned spaceship. Enter with caution, because one wrong move can start a chain of reactions that can destroy everyone aboard and around the ship. 

Can you retrieve the weapon and escape the spaceship unharmed, or will the pressure of the mission overcome you? Play the Galaxy Quest escape room and see if you have what it takes to retrieve the weapon safely.