Escape Rooms for Large Groups - Which to Choose & How to Prepare

If you’re considering escape rooms for large groups, you may be curious: which is right?

What themes should you choose, and what kind of pricing can you expect?

An escape room delivers puzzle-solving fun for friends, family, and coworkers – no matter how many you bring - and many rooms can accommodate large parties for certain occasions.

Here are our best tips for which escape room to choose for large groups, so you can be sure to book a fun, exciting event!

What Escape Room Themes are Suitable for Large Groups?

The best escape room theme for your large group is one that will excite and engage all the players. Be sure to consider the types of stories that your teammates enjoy when you are choosing a room!

First, you should decide if you will play together or in smaller teams.

Together or Separate?

Certain escape room locations may provide numerous smaller escape rooms with the same theme, clues, and puzzles inside. With these rooms, your large group can split into smaller teams. Even though you are not together, you will get to have the same great experience! Afterward, you can share and compare your adventures.

However, if you’d prefer to stick together, specialized rooms are designed with six, twelve, or even eighteen players in mind. This involves a much larger space with far more clues to uncover or puzzles to solve, so nobody ends up standing around doing nothing!


Now it’s time to pick your favorite theme:

1. Sci-Fi Adventure

Some of the most exciting escape rooms feel like you're stepping into a video game.

  • You and your group may find yourselves in an undersea laboratory, looking for clues in a mad scientist’s notes.
  • You may also be in a futuristic setting, where robots present you with challenges to prove that you are, in fact, human.

Whatever the plotline, a sci-fi escape room is sure to keep you on your toes!

2. Hunt for the Inheritance

You and your large group are cast as family members eager to inherit a well-off relative’s riches. Your relative – a beloved grandmother, or perhaps an eccentric uncle – has left you with a challenge.

If you can solve the puzzles in their house and find the treasure, then it is all yours! You will have to work with your team to unlock the final reward.

3. Escape the Island

Sometimes an escape room involves a literal escape. One kind of escape is trying to get off a deserted island!

You and your group will need to explore this tropical environment for clues that will help you attract the attention of a search party’s plane. Alternatively, you’ll have to solve puzzles for building a raft that will get you back to shore.

4. Zombie Attack

For a more frightening kind of escape room adventure, take on the horror theme of a zombie escape room!

You and your large group will find yourselves locked in a room with a zombie chained in the corner, tugging away at its bonds. To avoid becoming the zombie’s dinner, you must work together to solve the puzzles and find the key out.

Hints and Puzzles for Escape Rooms for Large Groups

As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one!

Escape rooms require that you and your group work together to solve the puzzles and challenges inside the room before your time runs out.

Here are some hints to keep in mind, and details about the puzzles you and your group may find in an escape room.

Assign Roles for Your Group Members

With a larger group, it’s easy for things to get a bit disorganized. Before you get to the escape room, assign roles to your teammates for more effective play! Here are some key roles:

1. Leader

The “leader” is the team captain, who guides the rest of the group. A leader stays focused on the group’s overall goal and assigns everyone else tasks. Each person reports their findings to the leader.

In groups of twelve or more, two leaders may be needed, who can then collaborate with each other.

2. Searcher

The “searcher” is the group member who focuses on finding things. Escape rooms are full of objects that could be either puzzles or clues, both obvious and hidden. The searcher checks all corners of the room to bring each clue and puzzle out into the open, where the group can see them.

In larger groups, it's best to have multiple searchers for uncovering clues.

3. Organizer

The “organizer” takes the objects that the searcher(s) found and puts the clues into an orderly fashion, looking for patterns. For example, if there is a lock that requires four letters in order to open it, the organizer will be the one to find the four letters scattered among the clues.

Be sure to play to your teammates’ individual strengths. Remember: more than one person can take on each role.

Common Escape Room Puzzles

Every escape room is different, but the puzzles inside tend to belong to specific categories.

1. Physical

Physical puzzles are common. Any safes, cabinets, or drawers with locks on them might be opened to reveal a clue – if you can just find the key! Your group may also have to put together physical puzzle pieces to read a clue.

2. Numbers and Words

Puzzles can also involve words and numbers that you find around the room. If there is a Sudoku or crossword puzzle hung on the wall, you might need to solve it.

Mixed-up or highlighted letters in a book could be unscrambled to reveal a vital word.

Math signs or other symbols may come together to create a simple equation, leading you to the number needed to open a combination lock.

3. Sounds and Ambiance

Also, remember that not all puzzles are as obvious as a crossword or a locked safe! Keep an eye and ear on your surroundings at all time.

If you hear a series of beeps or taps in the ambient noise, that might secretly be a message in Morse code.

So could a pattern of dots and dashes in the room’s wallpaper!

Check inside drawers and even books for hidden compartments, and leave no dark corner uninvestigated.

Why Choose a 60OUT Escape Room for your Large Group?

60OUT offers a wide range of immersive, engaging escape room adventures.

Unique Themes and Multiple Locations

With more than twenty-three uniquely themed games across seven locations, ranging in genre and difficulty level, you are sure to find one that best fits your group’s interests!

New Games All the Time

60OUT constantly imagines more games for you and your family and friends to play. The rooms are full of challenging puzzles that require teamwork to solve, making them perfect for a large group to bond over and have a great time-solving.

Branded Themes That Accommodate Large Groups

While no location has the same two rooms, many of these rooms are suitable for larger groups, including the Turing Test sci-fi escape room or the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle adventure.

The unique Fire & Ice escape room requires your large group to split into two teams, each supporting a different side in a fantasy war.

Privately Booked

Best of all, 60OUT games are always privately booked – so you never have to worry about playing with strangers!

Book your reservation today and let your escape room adventure begin!

12 Apr 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Escape Room Zombies

Have you ever heard of escape room zombies?

This escape room theme presents you with a new, interesting way to spend time with your family, have fun with friends, or get to know your coworkers. Would you like to test your ability to survive the extreme circumstances of a zombie apocalypse?

Then you can work with your team to race against the clock and escape the zombie threat!

But just what is a zombie escape room? What puzzles are inside to challenge your brain? Do you need to bring anything? Here, we cover everything that you need to know, so you can beat the undead!

What Is a Zombie Escape Room?

In this escape room, you and your teammates are ‘trapped’ in a room in the middle of a zombie attack! You have one hour before the zombie breaks free of its chains. There’s just one thing to do: solve the puzzles in the room and escape before the zombie attacks you!

It's All About Engagement

Escape room zombies are a suspenseful adventure, fun for all ages. It’s much more exciting than passively watching someone else escape a zombie on TV.

The escape room requires that you and your family, friends, or coworkers get on your feet and move around an interactive room. The puzzles encourage you to think outside the box and give you a sense of pride when solving them.

No Barriers between You and the Fun

Escape rooms put you right at the center of the video game-style action. There is no screen between you and the sights, sounds, and objects you will use to solve the puzzles! To win the game, you must work as a team to solve riddles, uncover clues, and ultimately beat the zombie!

Can you escape the room before the clock runs down and the hungry zombie wins? It’s time to take on the challenge!

What Puzzles Might You Find with Escape Room Zombies?

There are several different puzzle categories. During your escape room zombie adventure, you might encounter one or all of them. Here are a few types to keep in mind!

1. Physical Puzzles

This is the most typical category of zombie escape room puzzle.

  • You may have to put together a physical puzzle - generally wooden or plastic - in order to read the clue on the object.
  • You might also have to undo a tangled knot to free a key that’s been tied to a wall.

Any drawers, cabinets, or safes with locks on them could be opened to reveal a clue within – or even the key to get out of the room and escape the zombie!

Be sure to listen to your game master at the start of the escape room session. Not all escape rooms require you to move furniture around. If you get the go-ahead to move the furniture in the room, then keep an eye out for any dressers that look out of place. There might just be a clue behind it!

2. Word Puzzles

Sometimes there are clues to be found in papers and journals left around the escape room.

  • Does a word appear to have been left out of a poem?
  • Are there mixed-up letters around the room that could come together to form a word? That word might be a vital part of your escape!

Sometimes combination locks require letters as well, so keep an eye out. Highlighted letters or crossword puzzles may give you the combination you need.

3. Math Puzzles

You do not need to be a math genius in order to beat escape room zombies. However, basic math puzzles often appear in zombie escape rooms.

  • Solving a simple equation may just give you the number needed to open a combination lock.
  • Keep an eye out for any math signs or symbols, like plus signs or parentheses, around the room. They may have to go together for a puzzle!
  • Also, if there is a Sudoku puzzle hanging on the wall, you might need to solve it in order to continue your escape.

Pick someone on your team who likes playing with numbers to focus on these puzzles.

4. Atmosphere Clues

Not all clues to beat escape room zombies immediately look like clues. The way that the room around you looks and sounds can also give you important information.


Does the ambient noise include a series of taps or beeps? Perhaps it is Morse code!

If there is a mysterious whispering, what is it saying?

If there is a record player, tape player, or CD player, see if you can find something to play them on – and make careful note of the lyrics.

Writings or Decorations

Take a closer look at the details of the room around you as you search for clues. A series of dots and dashes scribbled along the edge of the wallpaper could be Morse code.

A family portrait hung on the wall could include an object that’s in the room itself, and you need to use to escape.

And if there is anything in the room that does not seem to fit the theme – like an old Victorian clock in a science-fiction setting – it is definitely important!


Finally, pay attention to the lighting of the room. It is easy for your eyes to go towards the brightest part of the room.

However, if there is a darker corner, see if you can find a flashlight to uncover any hidden clues back there.

5. Hidden Clues

Part of the fun of an escape room with zombies is that the puzzles are a challenge to beat. Therefore, it is rare for a clue to be set out in the open for you to easily notice.

  • A bookshelf may be concealing a book with a hollow interior, holding a key.
  • A dresser may not only have drawers to pull open and look through, but also a false back concealing a hidden compartment!

Every part of the room could be hiding more than one clue, so be sure to check everything at least twice. You might find that a clue you uncovered when you first entered the room – like a secret word or number – suddenly becomes important again near the end of the hour!

Why Choose a 60OUT Escape Room?

60OUT offers more than 23 immersive, themed escape rooms across seven locations, and is developing more every day. These rooms cover a wide range of themes and difficulties, and are full of fun, challenging puzzles.

All 60OUT escape rooms are privately booked – so that you don’t have to worry about playing with strangers! You want your best team by your side as you work together to escape the hungry zombie.

Book your reservation today and let your escape room adventure begin!

09 Apr 2019

Sci-Fi Escape Rooms – What to Expect & How to Save?

Are you looking for a thrilling event to put all other game nights to shame? Then you should try a sci-fi escape room!

These escape rooms have challenging puzzle games that place you in an immersive science fiction adventure.

But before you begin, what can you expect? Here is everything you need to know about sci-fi escape rooms.

What Are the Benefits of a Sci-Fi Escape Room?

Any escape rooms can become an exciting adventure as you solve the puzzles within. A sci-fi escape room, however, takes this to another level with its incredibly immersive theme!

Have Fun. You and your family may find yourselves trekking through a mysterious jungle, exploring an abandoned space ship, or outwitting robots. It’s like being inside a video game!

Improve Teamworking Skill. As you work together to find clues and beat the challenges of the sci-fi escape room, you and your family will have to use your wits and problem-solving skills. It’s a great way to learn teamwork in practice, bond over challenges, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

What Might Be Difficult about a Sci-Fi Escape Room?

Escape rooms vary in difficulty, and they each have different puzzles. Younger players might have a more difficult time with the harder rooms. Be sure to check the listed difficulty level of a room before you book it!

Physical Requirements. A sci-fi adventure can also require more physical activities than a typical escape room. For example, if your sci-fi escape room is themed to a mysterious alien jungle, you may have to climb over logs or crawling through tunnels.

No matter what escape room you choose, be sure to wear closed-toed shoes for safety!

Useful Tips for Your Escape Room Family Event

When booking a room, choose a theme your whole family will love. Do your kids like robots? Deep-sea creatures? Jungle adventures? Keep those preferences in mind and choose the room that sounds fun for everybody!

Once inside the room, listen carefully to the game master’s rules. There may be clues hidden in the introduction! Bring everything that looks like a clue to one central location; this helps make connections between puzzles clearer.

Above all else, remember that your goal is to have fun as a family! If you focus on enjoying a good time, you’ll make a winning team.

Tickets and Incentives: What You Need to Know

Ticket prices for escape rooms can vary based on the theme of the room, the time of day, and how many people you bring with you.

Be sure to keep an eye out for ticket packages – you can often save money per person with a larger group!

Incentives. It never hurts to ask if the escape room company has a discount for birthdays or other special events.

Why Should You Choose a 60OUT Sci-Fi Escape Room for Your Family Event?

All of 60OUT’s escape rooms are privately booked, making them ideal for family time. You don’t have to play with strangers!

Also, no 60OUT location has two rooms that are the same, so each room is a unique adventure! With their wide range of themes, difficulty levels, and prices, there’s an adventure perfect for your family waiting at 60OUT Escape Rooms.

Book your reservation today and let the sci-fi adventure begin!

05 Apr 2019

How Do I Find the Best Escape Room Rates in LA?

Are you wondering how to find the best escape room rates?

You want a good deal. However, you also want to make sure you’re going to a reputable escape room where you'll have an enjoyable experience.

Therefore, you'll want to find a room that's priced in the middle - not too cheap that you’ll have a subpar experience, but one that fits comfortably into your budget.

After you read this guide, you’ll know how to find the best escape room rates for your family.

How Are Different Escape Room Rates Created?

When you book an escape room, the rates are going to depend on three things: the room you book (theme), the time of day you go, and the number of people playing.

1. The Room Theme

Different rooms, with unique themes, have different rates.

For example, branded themes (e.g., Disney) are usually more expensive than non-branded rooms. These are rooms modeled after pop culture or movies. The boost in price is a result of the brand helping to create an even more immersive, high-tech experience.

In addition, some themes can take longer to solve which leads to a higher cost per person. This is because the elements to the puzzle are more detailed and require a larger number of keys, clues, and other elements. This increases the price tag but also boosts your fun.

Finally, when an escape room company is well-known for a specific theme, they may charge more for that theme.

For example, a company specializing in high-quality horror themes can charge more for their horror rooms (vs. their general fantasy rooms) due to the reputation they've built for spooky entertainment.

Generally, non-specialty themes don't cost very much.

2. The Time of Day

Like any other entertainment options, escape rooms have on-hours and off-hours.


Weekends, in general, are considered “on-hours.” This is especially true in the late afternoons and evenings.

As such, you’ll pay more to visit an escape room during on-hours, due to the high demand during these times.

Many people want to visit an escape room during these hours, and they’re willing to pay a premium for that option.

Weekends as a whole are desirable, but Saturday afternoons are uniquely appealing to most visitors - and will, therefore, be more expensive.

For families that have kids in school or work 9-to-5 jobs, visiting during on-hours may be the best option, even though it’s more expensive.


If you want a discount, it’s better to go during "off-hours." Off-hours are defined as being earlier in the day on weekdays, such as Monday morning. These are times when most people are working or in school.

The drawback of visiting an escape room during off-hours is that it requires a very flexible schedule.

However, going to an escape room during off-hours can be a great option for vacation days, or days that kids have off of school.

3. The Number of People

Finally, escape room rates depend on how many people you have on your team.

Further, your team size can vary depending on whether you’re booking a private room or a public room.

Public rooms typically offer just one ticket price for every person, regardless of how many people you book. That’s because every room will end up being completely full — you’ll be matched with strangers if you haven’t booked the entire room.

On the other hand, private rooms will almost always have a volume discount. As more people buy tickets, the cost per person goes down.

However, rooms that are in extremely high demand don’t have a volume discount. For example, a branded room will offer one ticket price regardless of how many players you’re bringing along.

What Are 60OUT’s Escape Room Rates?

60OUT has variable pricing for almost all of its escape rooms.

1. Room Size

The first set of prices applies to smaller rooms. These prices apply to rooms that accommodate 2-4, 4-6, or 2-6 people.

  • A booking for two players starts at $40 per person.
  • A booking for three players starts at $33.33 per person.
  • A booking for four players starts at $30 per person.
  • A booking for five players starts at $28 per person.
  • A booking for six players starts at $26.66 per person.

These prices do not apply to the Da Vinci’s Secret room; bookings for this room are an extra $15 per booking.

Tiki Time and Grandma’s Masterplan, which accommodate 3-8 and 3-7 players respectively, are $20 more expensive per booking. These rooms can hold larger groups. That makes them perfect for big families or multiple families playing at once.

  • A booking for seven players starts at $27.86 per person.
  • A booking for eight players starts at $26.88 per person.

2. Branded Rooms

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is 60OUT’s only branded room. The room is high-tech, created in direct conjunction with the Jumanji brand, and has a more simplified pricing structure. While you can play with 4-8 players, ticket prices are the same regardless of the number of players.

  • All bookings Sunday through Thursday are $38 per person.
  • All bookings Friday through Saturday are $40 per person.

3. Time of Day

Except for the Jumanji room, you can also save money if you’re flexible about the time you play.

  • Reservations made for the first two time slots, Monday through Friday, are offered at the lowest price.
  • Reservations made for the third time slots (and all slots after) on Monday through Friday are charged a $10 fee.
  • Reservations made for the first three time slots on weekends are also charged a $10 fee.
  • Reservations made for all other time slots on weekends are charged a $20 fee.

You can also take advantage of a great discount when you book further into the future. All bookings made for a date more than seven days in the future automatically receive a $10 discount! There aren’t even any promo codes to remember.

If you want to get even better discounts as they come around, you can also join the 60OUT newsletter. That way, you can be notified as soon as a new room or location is introduced, and you’ll receive exclusive discounts.

Why Choose 60OUT?

At 60OUT, you can take advantage of a number of built-in discounts, such as the $10 discount on every booking made at least seven days in advance and the declining per-person rate as you book more people for one room.

Book your escape room today and get the best escape room rates on the best rooms across the city.

15 Mar 2019

How to Win Escape Rooms: Six Strategies & Six Things to Avoid

Want to know how to win escape rooms? To give your family a higher chance of bringing home the gold?

The secret to achieving the ultimate goal is outlined in this article.

Keep reading to discover six winning strategies and six things to avoid.

What Should My Family Do to Win the Escape Room?

There are six things to remember that will lead you to victory in an escape room.

1. Listen to the Rules

Before you head into your escape room, your gamemaster will read you the rules for the game.

Many of these rules are common sense. For example, you shouldn’t mess with electrical wires or outlets, and it’s not a good idea to try and dismantle the room.

Some rules, however, are specific to the escape room you’re playing.

For example, some escape rooms require you to move furniture, but if you hear a rule that says not to move anything large and heavy, then your escape room cannot be solved by moving furniture.

2. Consider the Room’s Theme

One of the best ways to uncover clues is to remember the theme of the game.

For example, if the room is based on the book Alice in Wonderland, you’re likely to find references to different characters and plot points from the original Alice in Wonderland story. There are plenty of potential clues from the story, like the growing and shrinking foods, the suites of cards, and the White Rabbit’s role in leading the way for Alice.

3. Stay Organized

Whenever you find a clue, a key, or a piece of a puzzle, you’ll want to put it in an easily accessible section of the room.

Many teams choose to place items in the center of the room. If you find a physical key, you should create a space exclusively for keys. If you’re trying to find pieces of a torn-up note, you should put together the note pieces as you find them.

By keeping track of all the clues and keys, you’ll be more prepared to solve the puzzles.

4. Assign Team Members to Different Tasks

In an escape room, every member of your team should have a different specialty.

There are a number of escape room roles, and making sure you fill the four main roles is crucial. Those roles should be assigned before you even get inside the room.

Once you start playing, you should take the initiative in assigning specific tasks to your team members. You may direct someone to start rifling through books, or tell another person to try and solve a jigsaw puzzle.

5. Keep an Eye on the Time

Every escape room has a time limit.

If you want to win your escape room, it’s important that you have an idea of how much time you have left. That way, you can tell if you’re moving too slowly.

This is also good for getting a boost of adrenaline. If you know that you’re five or six minutes from the end, you’re more likely to zoom through that last puzzle!

6. Communicate with Your Team

Communication is always crucial, but it’s especially important in escape rooms.

If you don’t communicate with your team, you won’t know who’s solved a puzzle, who’s found a key, or who’s looked through a pile of papers already. Someone else might spend a few minutes doing the same thing another team member just did, and that’s just wasting time.

A good strategy is to have team members yell out what they’re doing and what they’ve found. Then, everyone hears it at once.

What Shouldn’t My Family Do to Win the Escape Room?

1. Be Afraid to Ask for Help from the Gamemaster

The gamemaster is here to help you win, and you should take full advantage of that.

Your gamemaster will let you know how clues work for your specific game. You may get only a certain number of clues, or using a clue may take a few minutes off your time.

If it’s been ten minutes and you haven’t found anything for the next puzzle, talk to your teammates and decide whether you want to use a hint from the gamemaster.

2. Leave Anyone Standing Around

If someone’s just standing around, not doing anything, there’s a problem.

Everyone should always be involved in the escape room. Even if it seems like one of your team members doesn’t have anything to do, you can always find something.

For example, you can assign them to check all of the paintings in the room or look underneath desks for clues. No matter how insignificant it may seem, it could lead to an answer.

Draw on your knowledge of common escape room tricks to get all of your family members in the game.

3. Refuse to Listen to Team Members’ Ideas

Even if you think a team member’s idea is silly, you should always listen to what they’re saying.

Everyone in your family has different perspectives, and that means they’re all going to come up with creative ways to solve puzzles.

It can be tempting to brush off silly-sounding ideas, especially if they come from younger members of the family, but if you’re stuck on a puzzle, what’s the harm?

When you acknowledge ideas and strategies your team members come up with, they’ll be happier with the experience, even if you don’t win.

4. Toss Items the First Time You Use Them

Don’t assume that you’ll only use an item once.

It’s true that in many escape rooms, your key or cipher will only be used on one lock, and the other locks will be different.

However, that’s not a universal truth. Once you’ve used an item, set it aside, but don’t forget about it. If you’re stuck on the next puzzle, try revisiting that item and seeing if it can help in any way.

Even if you don’t directly use a previous solution, it might give you some insight into the room. That’s invaluable information either way.

5. Focus Exclusively on One Puzzle

Every escape room relies on multiple puzzles, so you need to focus on solving all of them (not just one).

If the whole family is crowded around one particular puzzle, that means nothing else is being investigated, and that means you’ll have a harder time finding solutions.

When you approach the puzzles in a linear fashion, it gets time-consuming: five minutes to solve the first puzzle, then five minutes to solve the second, and so on.

However, if each member of your six-person team solves their own five-minute puzzle, the first six puzzles would be solved within five minutes!

If a puzzle solver needs an extra hand, don’t be afraid to add that extra manpower. But generally, you’ll want to give each person their own duty.

6. Stop Communicating with Your Team

This point always bears repeating.

Your team is your lifeline, and that means you need to be communicating at all times.

Yell out puzzle pieces you’ve found, ask for help if you’re stumped, and share information if you think you have a solution.

After all, you’re acting as a team! Rely on your family members to help you with the escape room, and you’ll have a much higher chance of reaching victory.

Communication is one of the most important parts of solving an escape room, so don’t skimp on it.

Why 60OUT?

Now that you know how to win escape rooms, you’re probably excited to find an escape room that your family will love.

At 60OUT, you can choose from multiple difficulties, different genres, variable pricing, and a range of time slots, so you can find the perfect room for your family.

Don’t wait — book your reservation online today!

12 Mar 2019

Are Escape Rooms Safe? Common Concerns of First-Time Players

As a first-time player, you may be wondering: are escape rooms safe?

In a well-supervised escape room, there’s nothing to worry about.

Here are ways in which escape rooms are designed for your safety, and how you can be certain of an accident-free good time.

What Are Common Concerns About Escape Room Safety?

Many first-time escape room players have certain safety concerns, which make them wonder, are escape rooms safe? Here are the most common concerns.

1. Will I Be Locked in?

There are plenty of lock-puzzles to solve in most escape rooms, so it’s natural to worry about a lock on the exit door.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that.

In every escape room, you will always have the opportunity to leave if you'd prefer to bring the session to an end - no matter your reason. The door itself may not be unlocked, but the gamemaster assigned to your session will be on hand to open the door if needed.

However, be aware that you may not be allowed to return to the room until the session is over. This is to minimize interruptions and ensure no one can Google the puzzle answers outside.

2. What If I Get Claustrophobic?

The idea of being stuck inside a room can worry some people that feel claustrophobic. After all, the concept can feel a bit limiting.

In actuality, escape rooms are almost always the same size as a regular room. They're no more constraining.

The size of your group may affect how claustrophobic you feel. Be sure to keep that in mind when booking a room. Perhaps a private booking with a small group of friends is the right choice for you.

In any case, you can exit the room at any time, for any reason.

3. Can I Hurt Myself by Making a Wrong Move?

First-time players may be worried that they will be in danger if they don’t play the game correctly.

In actuality, companies design escape rooms to be safe for the players.

Before you start solving the room, the gamemaster outlines the rules, which, of course, you'll want to follow.

Beyond this, the only danger posed to you is the kind you'd find in a peaceful everyday life - no matter how high-stakes the story or room appears to be.

For example, if one of the clues or tools happens to be a screwdriver, it's important to be careful when handling it. If the room is dimly lit, be careful of your steps to avoid bumping into an object, such as a chair or table.

What Type of Security Measures Does an Escape Room Have?

In order to make sure that you’re as safe as possible, escape rooms employ a number of safeguards.

1. Cameras

Escape rooms need oversight, but having a company representative the room with you could ruin the atmosphere. That’s why you’ll usually find cameras monitoring every escape room.

By using a camera security system, your gamemaster can check in throughout the game. They’ll also be able to let you know if you’re misusing a prop, so you don't accidentally end up harming yourself or the room.

2. Audio Systems

Alongside a camera monitoring system, an escape room also has an audio system.

Listening to the players can give gamemasters a hint as to whether you need a clue.

They also allow you to communicate with the gamemaster, should you want to exit the room or have a question about the rules. 

3. Rule Briefings

Every escape room needs to have rules. By following the rules, you’ll have a great time without misusing the props, clues, or other items inside the room.

Before you head into any escape room, you’ll need to listen to your gamemaster read the rules. The rules may include tips such as: don't force open a box that isn't readily opening or don't excessively pull on shelves built into the walls.

Another common rule is that no outside objects should be brought into the escape room by players. This includes knives, screwdrivers, and other items which can be used to cheat, dismantle the furniture, or pry on items.

All the tools you need to win the game will be provided and are designed with your safety in mind.

Following the rules ensures the room is kept in good order and that you won't accidentally harm yourself, such as bruising your fingers by prying open an item that's not intended to open.

How Does 60OUT Keep Players Safe?

When you visit a 60OUT room, the gamemasters will keep a steady eye on your group.

You’ll receive a rule briefing before you enter the room, and if you have any problems, your gamemaster will be more than happy to help you out!

Every escape room at 60OUT is both safe and exciting.

Book your reservation today for a fun family experience!

08 Mar 2019

What Is an LA Horror Escape Room (& Should I Try It)?

There's a certain draw to the adrenaline rush caused by an LA horror escape room.

Whether you’re a horror enthusiast or you just want to prove you’re not a scaredy-cat, here’s what you need to know about horror escape rooms.

What Is an LA Horror Escape Room?

In an LA horror escape room, you never quite know what you’ll see. There are so many horror options that each story can be very different!

Just because an LA horror escape room falls into the “horror” genre doesn’t mean it’s going to be all blood, guts, and terror.

Each escape room is carefully crafted; therefore your escape room experience can range from truly terrifying to just a little spooky.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing an LA Horror Escape Room?

An LA horror escape room is a great choice for anyone who wants a thrilling adventure. You can customize your experience to make sure your whole family has fun.

The horror genre includes rooms with different difficulties, amounts of physical activity, and minimum ages.

There are also many different types of horror. You can opt for a room that is built on fantastical creatures, or choose a room that has more of a basis in reality.

What Horror Options Does 60OUT Have?

There are seven horror rooms at 60OUT:

  • The Krampus, which makes you face off against a legendary Christmas evil, is a medium-difficulty room. You can have up to six players, and the minimum age is 12.
  • The Orphanage, which places your group in an orphanage run by evil spirits, is a medium-difficulty room. You can have up to six players, and the minimum age is 12.
  • Amityville, which makes you survive a stint in a haunted house, is a medium-difficulty room. You can have up to six players, and the minimum age is 13.
  • Ghost Ship, which requires you to break a haunted ship’s curse, is a hard-difficulty room. You can have up to six players, and the minimum age is 12.
  • Doctor Psycho, which traps your team inside a murderous doctor’s lair, is a medium-difficulty room. You can have up to six players, and the minimum age is 12.
  • The Mystery of Senator Payne, which revolves around a political player who has gone a bit too far, is a medium-difficulty room. You can have up to six players, and the minimum age is 12.
  • Dracula, which turns your group into vampire hunters looking to investigate vampire sightings, is a hard-difficulty room. You can have up to six players, and the minimum age is 13.

Why 60OUT?

At 60OUT, you can choose from a wide variety of LA horror escape room options. With seven rooms spread out across the Los Angeles area, there’s a horror room for every family.

Book your reservation online today and get ready to be spooked.

03 Mar 2019

3 Da Vinci Escape Room Tips to Help You Succeed

If you’re looking for the perfect way to exercise your puzzle-solving skills, look no further than the Da Vinci escape room.

When you book this room, get ready for an extremely challenging experience. Use these three Da Vinci escape room tips to ensure you make it through.

What is a Da Vinci Escape Room?

Da Vinci was a renowned inventor and mathematician, and some of the ciphers he created dazzle the public even hundreds of years later. In a Da Vinci escape room, you can experience the thrill of solving a puzzle inspired by the enigmatic life of Leonardo Da Vinci.

In Da Vinci's Secret, you are working to solve the puzzles and riddles that Da Vinci left his favorite pupil when he died. The story proposes that these are some of the world’s most challenging puzzles - so you’ll have to really put your mind to the task in order to succeed.

Why Are the Puzzles in a Da Vinci Escape Room so Challenging?

The reason that Leonardo Da Vinci is so well-known, even 500 years after his death, is because he was incredibly intelligent. His works, whether biological, artistic, or mathematical, are useful even today, long after he created them.

A Da Vinci escape room takes all of that mythical intelligence and creates puzzles out of it. Because Da Vinci had so many specialties and loved so many different things, Da Vinci escape rooms can cover a substantial amount of ground.

With the vast array of information that Da Vinci had at his fingertips, it’s only natural that a Da Vinci escape room would be extremely challenging!

What Are 3 Da Vinci escape Room Tips to Keep in Mind?

When it comes to a Da Vinci escape room, use these three tips to successfully escape.

  1. Do a little research on Leonardo Da Vinci’s life. You don’t need to become an expert on everything he did, but it can be very helpful to know a little bit about him. Learn about important dates, the things he considered important, and what he was interested in. Your newfound Da Vinci knowledge may be what saves you!
  2. Be on the lookout for “mirror writing.” Leonardo Da Vinci was well-known for writing backward, which can only be read if it is looked at through a mirror. Although many people believe that he wrote that way simply because he was left-handed, it’s also a great way to hide a clue.
  3. Learn a bit about Leonardo Da Vinci’s most famous works. Have you heard of the Mona Lisa or the Vitruvian Man? Some sketches and paintings that Da Vinci created are now considered the most well-known in the art world. If you know their names and a few important artistic facts, you can easily connect the clues that are pointing you toward a specific piece.

Why Should I Try Da Vinci’s Secret?

Da Vinci’s Secret is sure to satisfy all of your desires.

When you book this room, you’ll be immersed in the world of Leonardo Da Vinci, with puzzles that are challenging, but not impossible. Whereas most 60OUT rooms allow 60 minutes, Da Vinci’s Secret allows for 75 minutes and is packed full of mystery and surprise.

With the Da Vinci escape room tips from this article and a family eager for fun, you can’t go wrong with Da Vinci’s Secret. Book your escape room today and try it out for yourself!

12 Feb 2019

What Are Escape Rooms Like? A Guide to Family-Friendly Escape Rooms

The unpredictability and excitement of an escape room make them perfect for all families.

If you haven’t had an escape room experience, however, you may be confused by escape rooms as a whole. What are escape rooms like?

This article will give you insight into the world of escape rooms - family-friendly escape rooms in particular.

What Do Escape Rooms Look Like?

The biggest thrill about escape rooms is that no room looks exactly the same. Some themes tend to pop up more than once, like the well-loved Alice in Wonderland theme, but even recurring themes will have their individual twists.

Before you decide to book an escape room, you should check the room description to see what story you’re going to take part in. Even just a few sentences will help you get a feel for how the room will look and function.

Certain themes may be more child-friendly, while others appeal more to teenagers and adults. Some may be fantastical, while others have a horror twist. You may need a large group to solve a specific story, while others only require two or three individuals.

With all of these variables, it’s no wonder that there are so many different escape room themes!

What Is the History of Escape Rooms?

The original escape rooms were actually video games. In 2004, Toshimitsu Takagi created Crimson Room, a video game in which the player had to solve puzzles in order to escape.

Only three years later, that idea was turned into a “live escape room.” These experiences started spreading across Asia before entering Europe. From there, they came to the rest of the world.

One of the reasons that escape rooms are so popular is because of their incredible variety. Even if you’re an escape room veteran, you won’t encounter any two rooms that are exactly the same.

People also love escape rooms because they allow for an “escape” from reality. An escape room allows you to really become immersed in the story!

How Can Families Enjoy escape Rooms?

Families are one of the most common groups that sign up for escape rooms.

Solving an escape room requires a lot of teamwork, and families are naturally suited to working together. After all, you know each other very well and can direct each other to puzzles that utilize your strengths.

Escape rooms are also just fun to play! The variety inherent in the escape room experience means that it’s easy to find a theme that your whole family will love.

When you decide to go through an escape room with your family, you’re going to get a different experience every time. That’s why families choose to book escape rooms so frequently — it’s always a new adventure.

Why 60OUT?

When you’re going to book an escape room for your family, it’s important that you’re able to choose an experience best suited to your individual family members. With 60OUT, that’s easy to do.

60OUT has 23 different rooms spread out across seven Los Angeles locations. These rooms represent a number of themes and genres. Some rooms are available for children as young as 10, and certain rooms are able to accommodate as many as eight people.

No matter what type of experience best suits your family, 60OUT can help you find it. Book today for a unique family outing that you’ll never forget!

08 Feb 2019