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Top 13 Funny Escape Room Moments in 2024

02 Jul 2024

wrong way sign funny escape room moments

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Escape rooms: the thrilling adventures where a ticking clock, a series of mind-bending puzzles, and a healthy dose of adrenaline combine to create an unforgettable experience... sometimes in ways you wouldn’t expect.

In 2024, escape room enthusiasts and gamemasters have graced us with some truly side-splitting antics, capturing their fails on TikTok and recounting their misadventures on Reddit. So, get ready to laugh until your sides hurt as we dive into the top 13 funniest escape room moments of 2024.

Our Picks: Top 13 Funny Escape Room Moments

1. Perhaps age doesn’t beget wisdom, after all

Never underestimate the problem-solving abilities of an 8-year-old, especially in an escape room.

“The family we were with kept telling their 8-year-old son to shut up when he brought up certain things not looking right… Turned out he figured out 2 of the puzzles and demanded 20 bucks and an apology from his dad”. — u/captconfusion (Reddit)

2. They say escape rooms often require you to think outside the box. That’s all these people are doing… right?

“Maybe if I make myself dizzy I’ll be able to think straight”.

Sourse: TikTok

3. Jailbreak” was taken a little too literally

Sometimes, the most straightforward solution is, in fact, the wrong one. Respect, nonetheless.

“At our establishment, we have a room called 'Jailbreak' with a fake door towards the very end (it's covered with plywood). This girl takes one look at it and says 'jail... break...' and charges the door full force and breaks through”. — u/deleted (Reddit)

4. Just a quick cat nap

When you mistake the escape room for your bedroom.

“Someone cleared all the boxes and locks off of a table in the corner, laid down on it, and went to sleep until the group escaped”. — u/AnArmedPenguin (Reddit)

5. When we say escape rooms put your imagination to work, we’re not lying

But we feel that this group’s imagination may have led them astray.

Sourse: TikTok

6. Fashion faux pas in space

Sometimes, the urge to dress for the occasion overrides the need to solve puzzles.

“I went to a space-themed escape room, and there was a spacesuit, and I put it on. It didn’t help us solve anything. When we finished, I asked, 'do people normally put the suit on?' The guy said, 'it’s not against the rules, but you're the first person to do it'”. — u/DMAtherton (Reddit)

7. “Guys, I found… my personal belongings?”

Proof that escape rooms can be a little too immersive.

“We give people a box for them to bring in, so they can store their belongings while they play. One time, about halfway in, an inquisitive man started going through their own stuff. He pulled out a purse and shouts, 'guys, guys, I found some... this is our stuff, isn’t it?' It was hilarious”. — u/Dank_Pickles (Reddit)

8. Sometimes, in the thick of it, you forget basic, elementary words

“Is it a tiny, pointy shovel?”

Sourse: TikTok

9. Escape rooms: where the only limit is your imagination (and safety regulations)

In escape rooms, sometimes ingenuity and common sense collide.

“...we have rules about not jumping out the windows and not sticking keys into wall sockets because it has all happened before”. — u/Blueaznx3

10. A lightbulb went off in this guy’s head, but it turned out to be a misfire

We assure you, the next clue will never come at the cost of burning your tongue.

“I did an escape room with my family and the workers have to tell you not to lick the light bulb. This is because some guy thought if he licked the light bulb the answer would be revealed on the light bulb. The only answer he found was light bulbs are hot and can burn you”. — u/chazminor6

11. In this business, you have to think on your feet to make sure everyone has a good time:

You need to be quick like a fox and silent like a mouse.

Sourse: TikTok

12. Apparently, nudity is the strategy of choice for more people than we thought…

“I once had a group of drunk guys go in and they ran through their allotted hints pretty quickly. They asked for another hint and we said over the speakers that they were out of hints. One of the guys threatened to start taking off his clothes until we gave another hint”. — u/deleted
“The guy gave some rules to us when we were doing the room. The first rule he gave us was 'Please keep your clothes on'”. — u/AgentJin

13. Remaining cool and collected is a delicate art that just can’t be taught.

It’s very rare that mindless panic and screaming are the recipe for success.

Sourse: TikTok

Experience Your Own Funny Escape Room Moments at 60out!

These anecdotes prove that escape rooms aren’t just about solving puzzles; they’re about the unexpected twists and turns that unfold when you put a group of people in a room with a challenge and a ticking clock. Whether it’s an 8-year-old’s surprising deductions, a sleep-deprived participant, or an impromptu costume change, the stories that emerge from escape rooms remind us that sometimes the best memories are made when things don’t go according to plan.

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