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Tips for Planning the Perfect Escape Room Proposal

11 Jul 2019

When you're ready to pop the question, should you choose an escape room proposal?

Absolutely! Escape rooms can make this beloved moment exciting and memorable.

But what theme should you choose? Do you need extra props? How can you ensure it’s a surprise?

To make your escape room proposal go brilliantly, check out these tips. They’ll create a unique and oh-so-special moment for your partner!

Choosing the Perfect Escape Room Theme for Your Proposal

Pick a Theme That Fits Your Partner’s Tastes

When planning your escape room proposal, be sure to choose an escape room theme your partner will enjoy! The last thing you want is for them to be bored or unhappy when you pop the question. The more fun they have, the more ready they will be to give you a big, “Yes!”

Don’t Let the Theme Overwhelm Your Proposal

Escape rooms that get your heart pumping are excellent fun. However, you don’t want the theme to overwhelm the main event – your proposal!

If the theme includes a lot of music or ambiance, it can be hard to communicate with your partner when the time is right. Likewise, horror themes are exciting – but if your partner is too enveloped in the setting, they may have trouble focusing on you (and your important question!).

You may want to have a quieter moment between you and your partner and choose a calmer theme that won’t overwhelm the moment.

Tailor the Proposal to the Theme

The best escape room proposal is one that incorporates the theme into the "big question!"

If your loved one prefers science fiction, a theme that includes a spaceship crash-landed on a distant moon is sure to excite them. Then, after you’ve solved the puzzle, you can ask them to spend the rest of their life with you – throughout all the wacky and thrilling adventures.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Escape Room Proposal

Once you’ve chosen the theme for you and your fiancé-to-be, it’s time to plan the main event. Here are some tips for pulling off the best escape room proposal!

Make Sure It’s a Surprise

There’s nothing more romantic than a surprise proposal. However, surprise proposals are so common that they’re easily anticipated.

People expect to be proposed to while doing something they enjoy; for example, while eating at their favorite restaurant, or after completing a marathon together. While it’s a nice moment, it’s not much of a surprise!

This is why choosing an escape room for your proposal is a great idea. As your loved one focuses on the game, they won’t expect it to end with a ring!

Make It Seem Like It was Their Idea

Sometimes spontaneity can ruin a surprise. If you suddenly approach your partner and say, “Hey, we should do an escape room on this day!”, then they might think something is up!

How do you keep things incognito? Make it seem like the escape room was their idea.

Play an escape room a few weeks or months before the proposal. This gives you a chance to vet if your partner truly enjoys the games, and as a bonus? If they show interest in trying another escape room, you have a simple gateway to booking your escape room proposal!

Let them suggest coming back, and if they choose the date, they’ll think they’re the one organizing things - not you!

Relax and Go with the Flow

It can be tempting to plan literally everything about the proposal, down to the minute.

However, an escape room game does not always go according to plan! If your idea is to pop the question at the end of the game, then your nerves are likely to get the better of you toward the end. Your nerves may get even worse if it seems like your group will not solve the puzzles before the time limit!

Remember to take a deep breath, relax, and focus on having a good time. Even if you’re stressed out about not winning the game, focus on creating a good memory for you and your fiancé-to-be. The laughter and excitement will be more memorable than anything!

Follow Your Instincts

When it’s finally time to pop the question, your brain may go completely blank from nerves. It’s so easy to forget speeches when push comes to shove - especially if you’ve spent the last hour running around, solving puzzles!

As you propose, relax and follow your instincts. Get down on one knee and speak from the heart. Don’t worry if you stumble over your words; your loved one will understand. They will be just as excited and overwhelmed about the moment as you!

What to Consider When Planning an Escape Room Proposal

Does Your Partner Like Escape Rooms?

A proposal is all about your loved one. As such, it’s important to create a moment they’ll love and appreciate.

Be sure to try an escape room with your partner beforehand. Did they like it? Are they interested in trying it again? If your partner isn’t really a fan of puzzles or events with a time limit, then you should probably consider other venues instead.

However, if you already know they love escape rooms, get right to it!

Who Else Should be with You?

A marriage proposal is a moment between you and your fiancé-to-be. Plenty of escape rooms support a small group of two people. However, you may want to be surrounded by family and friends when you propose!

Consider what will make your partner happy and invite the people they love along with you.

Should You Ask the Escape Room Provider for Help?

The simplest escape room proposal just involves bringing the ring with you, waiting until you both win the game, and then popping the question.

However, notifying the escape room provider ahead of time allows them to help! They may be able to integrate the proposal into the game itself.

If the escape room ends with unlocking a safe, it’s possible to secretly stash the ring inside the safe before the game begins. The escape room employees may also ensure someone is on standby with a camera to capture the moment.

One thing’s for sure: the team will be more than excited to help make your proposal as perfect as it can be.

Why 60OUT?

If you’re ready to plan an escape room proposal, then you should check out the rooms at 60OUT.

Each of their rooms contains entertaining clues and challenging puzzles, all designed for fun and excitement. They’ll keep your partner on their toes, not suspecting a thing until you pop the question!

Most importantly, all 60OUT escape rooms in Los Angeles are privately booked. You can choose exactly who is present during this special moment, without any strangers ruining the mood!

Ready to get started? Book your escape room proposal at 60OUT’s website today!