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Riddle of the Week: Code Breakers

10 Jun 2024

Can you find the missing number and reveal the pattern behind this puzzle? C’mon Detective, put your wits into gear and get ready to unlock the code!

Numerical riddle

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Hints & Clues

  • Think Simple, Not Hard: The answer is easier than you think — trust your gut and don’t overcomplicate it!
  • Process of Elimination: Knowing which numbers aren’t in the answer will get you halfway there. Which numbers are eliminated, and which numbers aren’t?

How To Solve This Puzzle

Start by reading through each line carefully. The last clue tells you which numbers are not in the answer, which is a great start to figuring out which numbers are. From there, you can eliminate numbers from the rest of the codes. So, knowing there’s no 2, 1, or 7 in the final answer:

  • 378 — Only 1 of these numbers are correct and you know it’s not 7.
  • 931 — You know two of these are correct, and it’s not 1. So, 3 and 9 will be somewhere in the answer.
  • 423 — You already know that 3 is in the answer, and the hint implies that only one of the final digits is in this code. So, 3 is the last digit in the code.
  • 165 — You know there’s no 1, so you’re left with 5 or 6.


Give up? Here's the answer: .


Did you crack the code? If so, good work! We hope you enjoyed this numerical challenge. If not, don't worry — there are plenty more puzzles and brain teasers out there to test your skills.

60out has a wide variety of escape rooms that will put your logic and problem-solving abilities to the test in exciting and immersive ways. Come experience the thrill of unraveling mysteries and overcoming challenges with your friends and family. Book your escape room adventure today!

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