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Movie-Themed Escape Rooms: Three Movies That Would Make Great Escape Rooms

14 Jan 2020

Have you ever seen a great movie and thought, “That would make an even better escape room”? So have we. Enter: movie-themed escape rooms. A movie-themed escape room is exactly what it sounds like: a fully immersive escape room experience based on a film.

At 60out, we are no stranger to adapting movies into immersive experiences. Our Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle room, and our Alice in Wonderland room are two of the most popular escape rooms in LA. So come with us on a journey as today we are asking, "What if?" and speculate as to which great movies would make amazing escape rooms!

Top Movies That Would Make Great Escape Rooms

Movies are the perfect inspiration for escape rooms. Great movies have a compelling story to motivate the hero through the experience, and an immersive setting to get lost in. At 60out, our escape rooms only add one thing to that formula... YOU are the hero.

Here are our top three movies we’d like to see as escape rooms, and why.


We're starting this list off strong with a movie franchise that seems almost tailor-made to become an escape room. The original Tron is about a computer engineer who accidentally activates a high-tech laser that transports him into a digital world. The design of the original 1982 film, and it's 2010 sequel Tron: Legacy inspired a new style of sci-fi art incorporating lights and lasers. Escape rooms are becoming more technologically advanced every day, and being able to transport guests to the digital world of Tron would be quite the milestone in escape room progress.


The original 1979 Alien sees a starship crew working to repair and pilot their ship, while also attempting to track and capture a deadly alien monster loose onboard. Imagine an escape room where you are trapped aboard the commercial spaceship Nostromo, using radar devices to track the alien, closing vents to redirect it away from you, repairing doors to progress to the escape pod, and dealing with the constant threat of a monster coming after you. This could be the scariest escape room in Los Angeles!


Who doesn't want to be a Goonie? Uncovering a mystery, looking for treasure, narrowly avoiding booby traps, and adventuring with your best friends is all part of the job. The Goonies learned teamwork and to count on each other. 60out's escape rooms aim to provide that exact experience to every group. A Goonies-themed 60out room would be an opportunity to bond with your lifelong friends in an adventure fresh for kids and nostalgic for adults.

60out and Movie-Themed Escape Rooms: A Perfect Match

At 60out we are constantly pushing the boundaries for high-tech puzzles, immersive storytelling, and team-building experiences. For over 100 years movies have fueled our imaginations, and taken us to new worlds. Movies continue to inspire our team every day. You never know which of these worlds you'll be able to visit next at 60out.

Want to learn about the movie-themed escape rooms you can play today? Head over to book on our site, or read more in our blog: “Best of LA Entertainment: Escape Rooms Based on Movies”.