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How to Create the Best Escape Room Bachelorette Party

06 Jun 2019

Why should you have an escape room bachelorette party?

Because you want the bride-to-be to have a carefree fun-filled night with her friends before the biggest day of her life!

If you are trying to organize a unique, entertaining bachelorette party for your sister, your friend, or yourself, you should consider an escape room party!

What can you expect? How many people should you invite? How can you create the best puzzles?

To find out, keep reading.

Why are Escape Room Games Perfect for a Bachelorette Party?

Teamwork and Bonding

While puzzle-solving is usually a solitary activity, escape rooms require that you come together as a group. You can figure out the clues and reach the solution together!

This makes an escape room game perfect for a group of friends - the kind you’d invite to a bachelorette party.

Combining brainpower to tackle a challenging puzzle can lead to interpersonal bonding.

Plus, humorous clues can leave you all laughing long into the night!

Symbolism to Married Life

There are many connections to be found between the nature of an escape room and the life change represented by a wedding.

For example, friends gather around the bride to help her solve the puzzles in the escape room. You will show her how much you support her now, and how you will continue to have her back throughout the game - similar to the support you will show during married life.

Also, a lot of the skills required to successfully win an escape room game – such as communication skills and team cooperation – are essential for a happy marriage! An escape room is consequently a safe, friendly “trial run” of the novel challenges of married life.


Not only that, but a bachelorette party is first and foremost about celebrating the bride-to-be and making sure that she has a great time.

Does this bride-to-be love puzzles and games? Then creating an escape room bachelorette party for her is an ideal way to show her how much you care about her interests!

What to Consider Before Your Escape Room Bachelorette Party

Here are tips to keep in mind while you prepare your escape room bachelorette party.

How Many People?

Escape rooms can support a wide range of group sizes. When planning your escape room bachelorette party, consider how many people will be attending the party.

A small group of four or five people may have a lot of fun with an escape room in a single room or a small tent.

However, for a larger group, you will want to devote a larger space. You may also want to establish a shorter time limit for a larger group’s escape room, to add to the challenge.

When you have a large group, you should include more puzzles and clues. This ensures everyone has something to work on and nobody ends up standing around, doing nothing.

You can also create multiple versions of the same smaller escape room - with the same puzzles - and divide your party among them. Even though you’re not all in the room together, everyone will get to have the same great experience.

Plus, you can race to see which group solves the puzzles first!

Choose the Best Theme

Escape rooms usually have a story or theme. This immerses the players in an adventure and increases the fun. The best escape room theme for your escape room bachelorette party is one that will be most exciting and engaging for the participants.

Most importantly, you should choose a theme you know the bride will enjoy! If she’s a science fiction fan, try creating puzzles that tell the story of exploring an undersea laboratory, searching through a mad scientist’s notebooks for clues.

If the bride-to-be enjoys horror movies, make the time limit of the game related to how long you have before a zombie breaks into the room!

Whatever theme you choose, you can add decorations and background music to enhance the theme. For example: palm tree cut-outs and Caribbean music for an escape room with a tropical island theme.

How to Create the Best Clues and Puzzles

If you’re not using a professional room, then there are plenty of puzzles and clues you can create yourself!

Once you know the theme of for your escape room bachelorette party, it’s time to create the clues and puzzles. These will engage your partygoers and bring the game to life. Here are some ways to make your party the best it can be!

Physical Puzzles

The most common type of escape room puzzles is the physical variety.

For example, you can create a plastic or wooden puzzle with an important clue written on it, which your friends will have to put together in order to read.

Alternatively, lock a prize in a box and hide the key somewhere in the room, such as in a drawer or taped to the bottom of a chair.

Be sure to let the participants know before the game begins whether or not they are allowed to move the furniture, especially if you are hosting the party at someone’s house. You don’t anything broken!

Word Puzzles

A simple way to flesh out the escape room’s story is to make use of papers, books, and notebooks.

Did a mad scientist leave behind cryptic instructions for opening a safe? Can the location to a pirate’s treasure be found by picking out the capitalized letters in a poem?

Sometimes combination locks require letters as well as numbers. You can spread the necessary letters throughout the room in signs or picture frames. You can also set out a crossword puzzle with highlighted spaces for important clues!

Math Puzzles

If you know your bride-to-be or her friends like to think in numbers, be sure to add a math puzzle to the escape room game.

Rather than simply hiding the code for a combination lock in a book, make the code the answer to a mathematical equation! Spread the math signs and symbols throughout the room for an extra challenge.

You can also incorporate a pre-made math puzzle, such as a Sudoku puzzle, into the escape room. Highlight the spaces with the numbers your participants will need, and leave it on a desk or corkboard for them to find!

Atmosphere Clues

To take your escape room to the next level, throw in clues that someone might not immediately recognize as a clue.

When choosing the background music for the room, you can choose songs with lyrics relevant to solving the puzzles. You can even hide a message in a series of Morse code beeps.

You can also record yourself reciting the answer to a puzzle onto a tape! Hide the tape somewhere in the room, and set a tape player in plain sight. Then, just wait and see how long it takes your friends to put two and two together!

Why 60OUT?

If you want a professional room that’s customized to the bride-to-be’s tastes, try 60OUT! 60OUT has over twenty immersive, themed escape rooms for you and your party to enjoy. Each room has a different theme, and they all contain entertaining clues and challenging puzzles!

Best of all, all 60OUT Los Angeles escape rooms are privately booked, so you don’t have to worry about a stranger intruding on your bachelorette party.

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