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Are Escape Rooms Safe? Common Concerns of First-Time Players

08 Mar 2019

As a first-time player, you may be wondering: are escape rooms safe?

In a well-supervised escape room, there’s nothing to worry about.

Here are ways in which escape rooms are designed for your safety, and how you can be certain of an accident-free good time.

What Are Common Concerns About Escape Room Safety?

Many first-time escape room players have certain safety concerns, which make them wonder, are escape rooms safe? Here are the most common concerns.

1. Will I Be Locked in?

There are plenty of lock-puzzles to solve in most escape rooms, so it’s natural to worry about a lock on the exit door.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that.

In every escape room, you will always have the opportunity to leave if you'd prefer to bring the session to an end - no matter your reason. The door itself may not be unlocked, but the gamemaster assigned to your session will be on hand to open the door if needed.

However, be aware that you may not be allowed to return to the room until the session is over. This is to minimize interruptions and ensure no one can Google the puzzle answers outside.

2. What If I Get Claustrophobic?

The idea of being stuck inside a room can worry some people that feel claustrophobic. After all, the concept can feel a bit limiting.

In actuality, escape rooms are almost always the same size as a regular room. They're no more constraining.

The size of your group may affect how claustrophobic you feel. Be sure to keep that in mind when booking a room. Perhaps a private booking with a small group of friends is the right choice for you.

In any case, you can exit the room at any time, for any reason.

3. Can I Hurt Myself by Making a Wrong Move?

First-time players may be worried that they will be in danger if they don’t play the game correctly.

In actuality, companies design escape rooms to be safe for the players.

Before you start solving the room, the gamemaster outlines the rules, which, of course, you'll want to follow.

Beyond this, the only danger posed to you is the kind you'd find in a peaceful everyday life - no matter how high-stakes the story or room appears to be.

For example, if one of the clues or tools happens to be a screwdriver, it's important to be careful when handling it. If the room is dimly lit, be careful of your steps to avoid bumping into an object, such as a chair or table.

What Type of Security Measures Does an Escape Room Have?

In order to make sure that you’re as safe as possible, escape rooms employ a number of safeguards.

1. Cameras

Escape rooms need oversight, but having a company representative the room with you could ruin the atmosphere. That’s why you’ll usually find cameras monitoring every escape room.

By using a camera security system, your gamemaster can check in throughout the game. They’ll also be able to let you know if you’re misusing a prop, so you don't accidentally end up harming yourself or the room.

2. Audio Systems

Alongside a camera monitoring system, an escape room also has an audio system.

Listening to the players can give gamemasters a hint as to whether you need a clue.

They also allow you to communicate with the gamemaster, should you want to exit the room or have a question about the rules. 

3. Rule Briefings

Every escape room needs to have rules. By following the rules, you’ll have a great time without misusing the props, clues, or other items inside the room.

Before you head into any escape room, you’ll need to listen to your gamemaster read the rules. The rules may include tips such as: don't force open a box that isn't readily opening or don't excessively pull on shelves built into the walls.

Another common rule is that no outside objects should be brought into the escape room by players. This includes knives, screwdrivers, and other items which can be used to cheat, dismantle the furniture, or pry on items.

All the tools you need to win the game will be provided and are designed with your safety in mind.

Following the rules ensures the room is kept in good order and that you won't accidentally harm yourself, such as bruising your fingers by prying open an item that's not intended to open.

How Does 60OUT Keep Players Safe?

When you visit a 60OUT room, the gamemasters will keep a steady eye on your group.

You’ll receive a rule briefing before you enter the room, and if you have any problems, your gamemaster will be more than happy to help you out!

Every escape room at 60OUT is both safe and exciting.

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