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Alice in Wonderland Escape Room Tips and Tricks

06 Jan 2019

Alice in Wonderland escape rooms can be both exciting and puzzling. The theme lends itself well to an out-of-this-world experience!

That's why it’s helpful to have Alice in Wonderland escape room tips that will help you. Here are three tips you need to know about solving an Alice in Wonderland room.

What is in an Alice in Wonderland Escape Room?

The first step to utilizing Alice in Wonderland escape room tips is to know what you’re going to find.

1. Decorations

Alice in Wonderland themes are all about the psychedelic surroundings!

While you’re playing your escape room, you’ll run into plenty of odd decorations. You may see the famous red-painted roses from the original story, strange trees, and mushrooms colored in unnatural ways. They’re all there to get you into the spirit of Wonderland.

2. Characters

A whole host of characters play a part in Alice in Wonderland, and their wackiness is one of the reasons that the theme is endearing to parents and children alike.

Many escape rooms don’t have actors, which means you won’t be interacting with any characters directly. However, you could be reading a letter left by the Mad Hatter, or decrypting smoke patterns from the Caterpillar!

Knowing a little bit about the characters is helpful when solving this escape room.

3. Association with the Original Story

The traditional Alice in Wonderland story will almost always be tied into your escape room.

You may be trying to escape from the Queen of Hearts, or find your way back up to the real world. Maybe you’ll run into characters from the story, who will give you their own Alice in Wonderland escape room tips.

It probably won’t be a full retelling of the original story; after all, you only have a short amount of time to escape. However, your exciting story will incorporate some key Alice in Wonderland elements.

3 Alice in Wonderland Escape Room Tips

To give you the best chance of finishing your room, here are three Alice in Wonderland escape room tips that you can utilize during your escape!

1. Imagination Is Key

One of the reasons families love playing the Alice in Wonderland theme is its creativity.

Kids think differently from adults, and thinking outside the box is a tremendous help. When you’re playing an Alice in Wonderland theme, don’t get bogged down in streamlined patterns of thought. The story is wacky and fun, so don’t be afraid to propose something wild!

2. Think about the Original Story

Although the escape room won’t be a one-to-one recreation, knowing the original story sometimes helps to solve the escape room.

For example, the Queen of Hearts loves things that are colored red. When you’re looking for a clue about the Queen of Hearts, take special note of anything that is her favorite color!

3. Don’t Chase Rabbit Trails

Escape rooms often use misleading hints and clues to distract players. Don’t fall for them! If you’re being pointed in multiple directions, assign part of the family to one set of clues, while the other family members work on other puzzles.

Why 60OUT?

The 60OUT Alice in Wonderland escape room in LA is a great option for families with adolescent children. Kids as young as 12 are invited, and you can bring a group as large as 6 people. The medium difficulty level of this room appeals to children and parents alike.

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