Tiki Time escape room

Tiki Time!

Welcome to the islands! You’ve traveled to the home of your ancestors, a tropical paradise. Why would you ever want to escape? You wouldn’t! Tiki Time is the first game where your goal is to stay in as long as possible by solving challenges to add time to your visit. Can your team earn enough time for you to complete your tasks and pay tribute at the the shrine of the island king? Come for the challenge of the Tiki Gods and test your resolve in this Anti-Escape Room!
75 min
Tiki Time

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How it is played? Easily and fun!

Aye, we’ve all heard the legends, but can the cocktail of immortality truly be real?
Join in on this mighty quest as we scour the jungles in search for this lost wonder of the world. But ye be warned! Thar be dangers lurking in these waters.


Tiki Time! leaders
1st Place:
23 Jun 2019
Tiki Time! leaders
2st Place:
30 Jun 2019
Tiki Time! leaders
3st Place:
23 Jun 2019
Tiki Time
Downtown location

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Staying in paradise seems easy, unless there’s someone trying to kick you out! You need to appease the King if you want to last in this tropical escape adventure. An Island-themed evening here is filled with countless puzzles that can mostly be solved at the same time!

It’s an open bar with topical maps and segmented beach illustrations. The clock is ticking and you need to find all of the leis and coins that you can to continue to enjoy your time in paradise.

You may find it difficult to complete all of the challenges the island locals have put before you, and that’s because they only want those that are worthy of the king to loiter in their waters. So don’t take your time when you’re makin’ waves in this escape experience, because every second counts in Tiki Time!