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Morpheus Is...

  1. An experience that requires you to be blindfolded the entire time.
  2. Not an escape room. You will be seated, stationary, and comfortable for the duration of your adventure.
  3. Unique each time — no two groups will have the same experience.
  4. In control of certain aspects of your adventure, but you are responsible for your fate.
  5. Your imagination taking the reigns of your adventure. Let go.
the world around you
the roses that lay before a tombstone, or the rotting corpse that’s been dug up at a nearby grave.
together where to go, what to look for, and how to overcome the odds that have been stacked against you.
the dripping faucets, the creaking steps, the cries of pain in a distant room.
with your imagination. Paint a picture using the descriptive language of Morpheus.
Open your I’s
Your imaginations are more powerful than you think. They can churn for an hour and you’ll reflect back on the vivid experience like it was a swift dream. Time passes, but you will forever remember Morpheus.

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The Hippocratic Oath

How you got here is all a bit hazy, but as you begin to explore around this almost abandoned place, your objective becomes clear: Save them. Save as many as you can.

Up to 4 person
$160 per/group
From 5 person
$180 per/group