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An extension of the films “JUMANJI: Welcome to the Jungle” and the original “JUMANJI,” this 4 – 8 player experience begins with you sneaking into your friends room, except he seems to have gone missing.

After following a series of puzzles you get sucked into the world of JUMANJI and need to do whatever it takes to survive this new, wild world you’ve discovered.

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Based on the Original Stories
The Iconic JUMANJI brand will be bringing us a new film December 20th and the narrative we will be introducing to you in this experience expands upon and captures the universe created in both JUMANJI films.
Top Notch Interactivity & Gadgets
The technology embedded into the JUMANJI escape room is a much at a much grander scale than anything else we have created before.
Teamwork & Character Role-Play
When you are eventually cast into the jungle, you will embody a role and each of your teammates and yourself will use your unique strengths and band together to help your team survive JUMANJI.


Be the first of your friends to experience the "JUMANJI: Welcometo the Jungle" Official Escape Room. All you need to do is selectthe number of players on your team and reserve your game in advancefor a special price.

Limited Number of Pre-Bookings Available.
Be the First to Play Jumanji:By Pre-Booking, you will be able to schedule your game before the General Public has access to it.
Pay Now, Schedule Later:Pay for your Game in Advance and then we will send you email when scheduling is available for all Pre-Bookers.

regular $38 pre-booking $35!